A few questions about hair relaxing..?

My hair’s been relaxed since I was about 13 (so about 6 years) and I’m getting a bit concerned about the fact that it breaks so often (even though I try to keep it moisturised, I use Motions if that helps..?). I’m thinking about ceasing the relaxation, but:

1. Is there anything I can do to take care of my hair while still continuing with my relaxing/steaming process?
2. If I decide to stop relaxing, what can I do to promote natural growth and how to deal with the relaxed ends of my hair?
3. Can you recommend any products (available in the UK anyway) that can help?
4. Can you suggest any websites that offer advice on natural afro and relaxed hair and/or websites that show pictures of really good hairstyles for both relaxed and natural hair?

Sorry for the long details, and you don’t need to answer every question if you can’t; any help will be appreciated. 🙂