Enlighten Passenger Cars Compared to LEGO Passenger Cars: Emerald Night and Hogwarts Express

This is a side by side comparison of the Enlighten Deluxe Passenger Car and the passenger car from the LEGO Emerald Night set, and I also compare the Enlighten regular Passenger Car to the passenger car of the Hogwarts Express. Many people have asked me to show some of my LEGO and LEGO compatible trains. This is the second of several videos where I will share some of the trains that I have, and possibly introduce you to a new player in the brick market. Enlighten Brick makes LEGO compatible toys, of comparable quality. And as LEGO’s quality continues to decline, it just makes brick companies such as Enlighten that much more of a bargain. Enlighten Passenger Car #628: Enlighten Deluxe Passenger Car #624 LEGO Emerald Night set #10194 LEGO Hogwarts Express set #4841 BUY MY eBOOKS HERE: For your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iBooks and on your computer with iTunes: For your Kindle at Amazon: For your Nook at Barnes and Noble: www.barnesandnoble.comBUY MY BOOKS HERE: Snapshots In Time Buy it at Amazon The Book Depository. (Free shipping worldwide) BUY MY LATEST BOOK HERE: How To Survive An Alien Abduction And Other Useful Information Barnes & Noble The Book Depository. (Free shipping worldwide) Australia UK