HiDef: UP 844 and UP 1982 Leads the Little Rock Express

I am proud to say that I have finally caught Union Pacific 844. Legsbluetrain and I drove 5 hours up to Poplar Bluff, MO to intercept UP 844 and the Little Rock Express. When we got there, it had already arrived and it was backing into the Amtrak station in which it stayed there for about two hours. We made sure to leave at least an hour before it did so that we could find a location to catch it at. We ended up going to Neelyville, MO. The whole chase was very very crowded with other railfans. The first shot was done in Neelyville. I used my two cameras to catch it there. After it passed, we rushed back across the state line to Corning, AR to catch it again. Luckily, it had to stop there and wait on a northbound coal train. I also decided to film the coal train’s arrival and the meet. After the Coal train cleared, I recorded 844’s departure from Corning. After that point, it was very very hard to keep up with the ol’ girl. It didn’t help any that the road left the tracks for a while. When the road finally came back to the tracks, 844 was at least 3 miles or so ahead of us. We had to do some serious “booking”. We managed to get ahead of it and I was barely able to catch it at a rural crossing south of Knobel, AR. I had no time to set up a tripod there. It ended up making another whistle stop in Walnut Ridge, AR so that gave us plenty of time to get ahead of it again. We then caught it in Alicia, AR. I used two cameras at that location also. After passing through Alicia, it