I have a 10 month old Chihuahua. He chews up everything, how do I make him stop?

We put him in a cage when we leave the house. We’ve tried squirt bottles. He chews up my underware, bras, pj bottoms, the baby’s clothes and toys, plastic hangers, paper towels, toilet paper, etc. He sneaks the stuff under our bed. We even tried blocking him from being able to go under there, he found a way. It’s getting old. We even tried gating him in the kitchen, but he ate through the wooden gate and climbed over the 3 foot metal child gate and mesh gate. HELP!!!!!!! Also, he’s housebroken and hides and pees from time to time under the kitchen table or our bed. How do we stop that? I’m tired of steam cleaning.
he is crate trained as well as litter box trained. Giving him away is not an option.
Can’t spray anything on the stuff because it’s clothes and baby items he chews on as well.
he shreds toys. We had a bunch for him and he destroyed them all. He has toys still, but they don’t distract him enough, but they help.
He is NOT locked in a cage all day, I’m a stay at home mom. He’s in the cage for 4 hours MAX if we need to go out.
He goes out ALL the time. We let him out every 15 mins to half hour. He goes potty, but now and then, we still find pee spots.
He gets the clothes by climbing into laundry baskets. Also, he’s learned to open the sliding closet doors. We rent, so we are limited on being able to change the doors. We put everything out of his reach as best as we can. He finds ways. The house is kept VERY cean. He leaves my son’s and husband’s stuff alone though.
He is much harder to train then the labs and Newfoundland I had before.
He is neutered. Had it done at 5 months of age
When we leave, he’s kept in his cage where he has a toy with him. He usually just goes to sleep. He cna’t be left alone loose in the house. He chews when he’s around us. Doesn’t matter if my undies/bras/pj bottoms are clean or dirty, he LOVES them. EWWWWW!!!!!! he thinks of me as “mommy”. We bought him when he was 4 weeks old and routinly visited him till we were able to bring him home at 8 weeks. At that time, I was also in my last trimester with my daughter. He’s great with her and even lays next to her on my lap or on the floor (he thinks she’s a litter mate)