Part 1 of the Ed Gallegos Show at the Virginia and Truckee Railroad — Steam Locomotive Prep

About a year ago I met Ed Gallegos for the start of his workday at the Virginia and Truckee Railroad. The audio can get a little scratchy because Ed was wearing my cheapo wireless electret mic — in a couple shots you can see this piece of technology clipped on his pants. Ed is the fireman and hostler for the Virginia and Truckee Railroad’s #29 steam locomotive. He can be seen in other videos firing the V&T #29 up the hill from Carson City. Some of these shots may be included in the upcoming Unauthorized Biography of the Virginia and Truckee Railways. I started out planning a standard railfan video of all the footage I’ve taken over the last couple years related to the V&T Railroad (the real one) and the poseur government project known as the Nevada Commission to Reconstruct the Virginia and Truckee Railway. Whatever the final form is, it will be shot all in HD, available on Blu-Ray and it will also be available on letterbox DVD. Ed’s a crackup, he goes through the pre-run lubrication, starts the fire, builds pressure and gets this old steam locomotive ready for another days work on the Virginia and Truckee Railroad.