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London’s Railways 1920s – 1970s DVD clip

Purchase DVD online at London’s Railways 1920s – 1970s In the 1900s, London’s transport system relied on steam. Within sixty years, most of these locomotives had vanished as the capital switched to electric and diesel power. Journey back to a time when London played host to the Silver Jubilee and the Devon Belle, and when the Coronation Scot was the latest in steam power. Highlights include a demonstration of a railcar in 1935; the underground GPO mail train and the trial of BR’s Roadrailer in 1960.

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Classic Steam 1920s to 1940s

Purchase at — The late Frank W. Schlegel spent considerable time collecting films of steam action in the eastern part of the US His collection is now owned by Harold Brandon. Also included is a portion of film from the collection of Vince Ryan and Jack Alexander, two railfan pioneers. In this fantastic DVD, Green Frog offers you real steam as it was in the 20’s through the 40’s. You’ll see Camelbacks on the Central Railroad of New Jersey, New York Central Steam, steam on the New York Ontario and Western. Reading Railroad, and Delaware and Hudson, plus MORE! Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo Approx. Running Time 60 Minutes

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Southern Steam – Folkestone and Dover in the 1920s

Scenes to delight the South Eastern enthusiast, shot at Folkestone and Dover in the late 1920s. 1) 00:00 An ex-South Eastern & Chatham Railway E1 Class 4-4-0 passes Folkestone Junction, the junction in question being that for the steeply graded harbour branch. The E1s were Maunsell’s rebuilds of Wainwright’s Edwardian E Class. 2) 00:08 A Maunsell ‘U’ Class 2-6-0 with a motley collection of vans. The first 20 U Class 2-6-0s began their lives as the SECR K (‘River’) Class of 2-6-4T passenger tank engines but were all rebuilt following the tragic Sevenoaks accident of August 1927, in which a member of the class was implicated and in which 13 people were killed (see The decision was probably rather unfair to the 2-6-4T design as it is almost certain that the major cause of the accident was the poor state of the track, although the K’s tendency to ‘hunt’ (see and good luck to you) at speed was a contributory factor. 3) 00:13 A splendid lineup of Stirling’s ex-South Eastern Railway R Class 0-6-0Ts. Many were rebuilt by Wainwright in the 1900s, becoming Class R1, but these are in their original form. Rs and R1s were used on the harbour branch, three of four at a time, to bank trains up the fierce (1-in-30) gradient from the harbour station to the junction until 1959. 4) 00:31 Wainwright’s diminutive P Class 0-6-0T tank engines of 1909, No.323 and a sparkling No.27. These engines had been built to operate motor trains on uneconomical branch lines

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1920’s Steam Train Clock Mounted On Wood

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Product Description
1920’s Steam Train Clock Mounted On Wood – This is a terrific gift for any train collector. The clock is the same as a watch, and uses watch batteries. The steel case would have to be opened to change watch batteries by a jeweler, the same as a watch. Measures 3″ x 9″ and comes in box shown…. More >>

1920’s Steam Train Clock Mounted On Wood

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