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2010 Ffestiniog Railway Vintage Weekend Highlights on Friday 8th Oct.

The Ffestiniog railway ran its annual vintage weekend. Here is my footage of the first day, Friday the 8th of October. Shot 1 Lyd climbing the Dduallt spiral enroute to Blaenau Ffestiniog with its first passenger working. Shot 2 Double Fairlie’s Patent Merddin Emrys emerging from Moelwyn Tunnel’s North porthole. Shot 3 Lyd heading South past Tanygrisiau reservoir. Shot 4 Merddin Emrys Southbound passing Tanygrisiau Hydro Power Station. Shot 5 Palmerston heading into Tany-y-Bwlch station with the gravity train. Shot 6 Lyd and Blanche heading North towards Tan-y-Bwlch station. Shot 7 The Gravity train heading South past the woods at Llyn Mair. Shot 8 Spooners bizarre boat train heading over the Cob to Porthmadog. Hope you enjoy watching the highlights on a very windy day. Don’t forget to watch Saturday’s highlights.

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Santa Fe #3751 San Diego Steam Special II – May 1-2, 2010

On May 1st and 2nd, 2010, the restored ATSF Santa Fe #3751 steam locomotive pulled a special excursion train from Los Angeles to San Diego and back. Here are seven runby shots of the vintage steam locomotive as it headed southbound and northbound. All shots were taken with an Ultra HD Flip Camera. Many thanks to all the people and organizations involved who organized this thrilling event! by Charlie Jett Eugene, Oregon A Day Out With Thomas The Tank Engine

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The Exbury Ghost Train 2010

The Exbury Ghost Train 2010 Featuring Mariloo working hard on 1in50 inclines with 30-35 ton trains.

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Midwest Old Threshers 2010 – Stationary Steam Engine

the largest installed steam engine at midwest old threshers, Mt Pleasant, Iowa. It once pumped water for the entire city of Marshalltown, Iowa.

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Shakespeare Express 2010!

The 04/07/10 was the first run of the Vintage Trains Shakespeare Express, it now runs every Sunday until September. It runs from Birmingham Snow Hill to Stratford-upon-Avon twice. Earl of Mount Edgcumbe did the honours on the first run and is seen firstly at Widney Manor, followed by the second return at Lapworth.

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Steam engine coming into station. Mt Ranier Scenic Railroad, Elby WA Oct 9, 2010 003.MTS

1929 Willamette Iron and Steel works geared logging locomotive. Owned and operated by the Mt Ranier Scenic Railroad.

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Sutherland Steam Railway In The Snow 2010

Hi again all, The small selection of clips which you see here were filmed today (5/1/2010) and show just how badly the snowfalls affected our garden railway. We did manage, (using old wagons as snow-ploughs), to clear the main running line however. Then, once this was done, 1 train could operate on the circuit, clearing the snow as it fell so to speak. The steam locomotive used, No4560, a Bachmann 45XX Small Prairie Tank, performed well running bunker-first around the circuit hauling our 4 LNER Teak Coaches. Various parts of the circuit can be seen. Notable area’s blocked with snow (at least 3 inches deep) were chilvers loop (completely buried!), sutherland yard (in which 3 wagons were frozen solid!) and ashford spur (another wagon buried solid!). 4560 performed very well under the circumstances, especially as snow continued to fall before, during and after filming! As soon as the train was stopped, the snow buried the main line again within minutes. It was that heavy! (And still is here as of now!). Thanks for watching. Comment and rate if you wish. Enjoy!!

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Choo Choo Barn Train Layout 1 May 2010 HD

Some video and stills of the 1700 square foot train layout at the Choo Choo Barn in Strasburg, Pennsylvania. If you’ve never been there and you live close enough, this may whet your appetite to see the layout in person. It is one of a number of railroad and model railroad related places in the area. I’ll post clips later showing a steam train in action (the Strasburg Railroad) and the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum. There aren’t that many HD clips on those subjects on YouTube yet.

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