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Nickel Plate Road #765 Steam Excursion: North Judson to La Crosse, Indiana, 30.05.11

Nickel Plate Road (New York, Chicago & St Louis) Class S-2 Berkshire-type 2-8-4 #765 ran several trips throughout Memorial Day, and is scheduled to do so again a few more times this summer. It is running from North Judson to a point just south of La Crosse, Indiana, and back, several times a day, over the tracks of shortline Chesapeake & Indiana Railroad (CKIN), which operates freight service here with their ex-EJ&E and DM&IR SD9s, up to the CN and CSX connections at Wellsboro. The “J” unit was used to bring the train back to North Judson; it was not powering the train when 765 was leading. The tracks here are a former C&O branch- North Judson was once a massive junction where C&O, the Nickel Plate, Pennsy and Erie all crossed each other. Everything else is now abandoned except for this line. First, the 1944-built locomotive is seen crossing County Road South 650 West in the miniscule hamlet of English Lake. Later, Chesapeake & Indiana’s former Elgin, Joliet & Eastern SD9 #818 leads the train south toward North Judson, with #765 pushing on the rear, crossing Toto Road. I followed the train south to the intersection of W 500 S, S 450 W, & English Lake Rd, where EJ&E 818 looks for all the world like an Alco, until it becomes evident that 765 is pushing on the rear, blowing black smoke! Later, the train has arrived at C&I’s small yard at North Judson, and the Hoosier Valley Railroad Musem there, located on the former C&O/NKP/PRR/Erie junction site. Grasselli Tower, until

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