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A “blue-un” goes to the seaside. 4492, aka Bittern, on the Dorset Coast Express

Scenes from the footplate as A4 Pacific, 4492 Dominion of New Zealand, (aka Bittern), hauls the Railway Touring Company’s Dorset Coast Express from London Victoria to Weymouth on 16 August 2011. Fireman Chris Yates is on the shovel with drivers Bill Warriner and Dave Hewson. Roland Kennington and his team from Southall are the support crew.

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60019 Bittern (4492 Dominion of New Zealand), 47786 Roy Castle OBE, 15-12-2011

60019 Bittern, topped and tailed with two class 47 diesels, nearly 20 minutes late, beats its way across the fens pulling the 15/12/2011 Norwich/York, York Yule tide Express. The weather was terrible, the location was badly exposed, and my brolly was stripped inside out. Hence video had to be heavily post processed to remove wind shake, so quality is not up to par. WCR Class 47 diesels were banking 47760 at the rear and 47786 “Roy Castle OBE” behind Bittern because Bitterns second long range tender was not available for the trip and no water stop was booked. Hence Bittern not working hard and the thin smoke laid flat by the wind,.

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