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Tornado Rips through Durham (Again!)

New-Build Peppercorn A1 Pacific 60163 ‘Tornado’ slices neatly through Durham station on the northbound leg of the ‘Peppercorn Pioneer’ on the 31/01/2009. Sorry about the wobbles – caused by the unexpected appearance of a head at a fairly late stage in the proceedings. 🙂

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Andy James ‘Time and Time Again’ (Full Length) from Custom Metal Series 2

DOWNLOAD TAB, BACKING TRACK FOR ALL 5 TRACKS AT: DOWNLOAD EP VERSION AT: Following on from 2012’s biggest selling JTC package so far comes Andy James’ Custom Metal Series 2. Andy takes a more ‘metal melodic’ approach to this series yet still manages to come at it like a steam train with riffs and techniques that will keep you practising for weeks upon weeks. The series contains 5 tracks which combine a mixture of a more rockier approach, with the occasional bit of funk and ballad thrown in yet always contains some meaty metal and pure emotion. Time and Time Again is one of the stand out tracks from the series and here it is in all its glory!

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Getting This Channel Started Again (Please Watch!)

AIM = Steam = Jakemc1 Envious Media =

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I have large, deeply clogged pores. How do i clear them and shrink them so they wont clog as much again?

Hi everyone. Im at my wits end about what to do about this anymore.
My pores around my t zone (forehead and nose) are quite large and deeply clogged. I regularly use clearasil so my skin feels really good, its just i cant unclog these damn pores! Ive used many products, including nose strips and Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 Wash & Mask, where ive used the mask part 3 times now. Ive also tried steaming my face first over a bowl of boiling water for 10 minutes to open them first. But nothing will work!!!!!

Im in the UK so only UK products please, maybe suggest items that are available in Boots? Or should i just go to a dermatologist and see what they suggest?

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Do you think that trains should be powered by steam again?

Now days, they use gas, the resource we need to get the cars going. It also would bring more ecinomic growth in WV, a large coal supplier.

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Time to Take the Train Again

Train comfort has moved on since the age of steam. Booking tickets is easier than ever using online systems, and there are fare options to suit everyone.

The Golden Age of Steam may be long behind us, and Dr Beeching may have reduced the UK rail network, but train comfort has certainly moved on and the price of petrol is driving many of us off the roads. So, it’s time to take the train again!

One of the biggest leaps forward with rail travel is the ability to book tickets quickly, simply and conveniently: online.

There are usually a range of fare options including:

• Peak

• Off-peak

• Flexible travel times

• Business travel

• First class

Obviously prices vary with the fare options, each of which offers different flexibility, comfort or times.

Once you’ve booked your rail tickets you can take your time to make arrangements for your journey. We’re all so used to travelling by car on crowded roads – most of the time getting nowhere slowly – that we’ve forgotten that trains mostly run on time and get you to your destination in peace and comfort – and without being shouted and gesticulated at by drivers of other vehicles!

Settle down into your seat (often you can book a seat), pack your bags onto the overhead compartments, between the seats, or in luggage areas, and relax.

What will choose to do?

Watch the countryside go by? Read a book or a newspaper? Listen to your MP3 player? Watch a DVD on your personal player (with headphones of course)? Or chat with your fellow passengers over a drink, a snack or a meal?

No longer are trains made up of draughty and rattling carriages as they used to be. These days they are sealed and air-conditioned. Put your face towards the rain-slashed window, but don’t feel the wet and cold; feel the warmth instead.

Save your car, your stress and your petrol money. Book your family some rail tickets and relax on the train.


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