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Does anybody know about these proposed steam locomotives?

Okay, so does anybody know about the British Railways Western Region’s request for a 2-8-0 version of a Standard Class 5MT 2-8-0, the Great Western Railway proposed Hawksworth 4-6-2 to be derived from the “Country,” class 4-6-0, or the British Railways Standard 5 4-6-2 proposal? If anybody does, God bless you, and thank you!

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Does anybody sell Roco Steam Locomotive?

Is anybody selling a Roco steam locomotive BR23-104 HO DC please write back! Thank you!

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anybody remember toys called ‘car warriors’ or ‘car maniacs’ something along them lines?

tryin to find information on some toys i think were called ‘car maniacs’ or ‘car warriors’ but i think thats wrong because i cant find anythin on the internet.
their were two sets to collect, each were a different team. they drove mad maz style customised cars with weapons attached. one team had black biker style cars the other had blue cavalry like cars i think.
the cars had a feature where if u hid the metal like pad on the side it would release the body from the chassis in a hinge fashion and reveal the driver that could be removed.
the car i had belonged to the character scarface and he had a black car with ace of spades on roof. his car had a spiked steam roller on the front and i think a gun on the back.
unfortunately because i cant remember the actual name of the toys i cant find anything on the internet so im hoping someone on here will see this and help me out.

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does anybody own the vax steam cleaner model number V081 ?
or could anyone recommend a good carpart washer ? i have 2 dogs by the way lol,so a good one that sucks up and washers.the one i found above is good cause its steams but i dont know if it sucks !? so if anybody has this model please could you tell me if this would be good for me. thanx

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