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Last days of steam in the sixties- Photo Archive 2

After seeing Bob Masterman’s great collection of black and white photos of steam in the ’60s, I was inspired to dig out my old album and scan some of the prints that I had taken with my Brownie 127 in my schooldays. They are a bit of a mixed lot and nowhere near the quality of Bob’s, but I hope they may be of interest. Please forgive the 4 photos of “modern traction”- some of the subjects are no longer with us! Please also forgive the quality- I did dabble with home developing in those days, not always as successful as I would have liked. The final photo of 68012 was taken at Middleton Top Shed which was possibly the remotest MPD in Britain, apart from Sheep Pastures which didn’t even have a shed!

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Archive Steam at Nottingham Victoria

Archive steam at Nottingham Victoria c.1964. Unfortunately, there is no sound to this clip. For more memories of the Great Central, visit my website:

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The Last Days of Steam – classic archive cine film

Found in our archive – the last days of steam from Perry’s Movies.

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