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This is Part 1. Part 2 is: American Locomotive Company’s Largest Operating Steam Locomotive passed through Sibley Iowa today, Oct 1, 2008 “Challenger” (No.3985) is on a 1750 mile, 5 state tour that will end back in St. Paul Minnesota, where it began 16 days ago. It was built in 1943, and it was an amazing machine to watch, as you will see in this video. Here is the link for the Specs and history We felt like we were in the old days of Bonnie and Clyde or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid. It was exciting and we hope you enjoy this wild ride with us. One of the neatest websites from Union Pacific is this one on how the “Big boy” steam locomotive engines work with a virtual interactive steam locomotive to watch. Very neat to visit here. Please subscribe and pass on this video to any train buffs you may know. Coins have been put on rails for years. IN fact you can go to the train Museum in Sacramento and buy a FLATTENED Penny with a symbol of a train on it. ALSO, NEVER in history has a train ever been de-railed by a coin! Especially a 1.08 Million LB train! IN fact you can get one FLATTENED with a train Symbol on it at the Train Museum in Sacramento, California, it is such a common thing. Thanks to Ilea “Bonnie” for the great driving, and thanks to you the viewers for watching. Best regards, “Bonnie and Clyde”

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What’s the best way to potty train a new puppy?

I just bought a new baby Chihuahua and of course he pees whenever/wherever he wants.. I have a blue carpet so it’s hard to tell where he went so i’ve been steam cleaning it like everyday just to be safe, hahaa. Any advice?

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What is the best cleaner to use for our steam cleaner?

We borrowed a “steam cleaner” to clean the carpets in our house. The carpet isn’t horrendously dirty, but there are quite a few urine spots from our small dog (she has since become much better at house training, so some of these spots are at least a month old). The cleaner is a Bissell ProHeat Plus. What is the best cleaning solution to use with this cleaner with our carpet?

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What is the best way to get a car engine steam cleaned? Can it cause any harm?

I have a ’96 Toyota Avalon with about 96,000 miles on it
that I keep running for my teenager. It is leaking fluid, but
we never let it run out of anything. We believe it’s oil, but
until everything is thoroughly cleaned, how can you tell what
or from where?

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Why do Conservatives think that our former enemies are our “best allies”?

They got all steamed when Obama said that France was our greatest ally, saying that the UK deserved that honor.

Now this guy thinks that Japan is a better ally to the US than Australia and New Zealand:;_ylt=AsBWNXAQOBdNExEwDqavYLisDH1G;_ylv=3?qid=20110316201733AA2armA

Obviously, both contentions are stupid. France has never waged war against the US, nor have Australia and New Zealand. England and Japan have waged war against us. They may be our friends now, but I will never forget that they were once enemies and as such will never be our best allies.

Why do you Cons think that our former enemies are our greatest allies?
Roadster, you pretty much got that completely backwards.

France fought against BRITAIN in the French & Indian Wars. Then, after that, they helped us fight the British during the American Revolutionary War.
Dr, Zaius:

France was fighting BRITAIN during the French & Indian War. The United States didn’t even exist at that point.

And the Vichy regime was not France. It was a puppet Government set up by the Nazis. The real French were fighting along side Brits and Americans, or sabotaging the Vichy regime from within.

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Best Anime Around? And Best Anime Sites?

hey ^^ I am looking for some new anime i watched all the main steam stuff like naruto, FMA, elfen lied (amazing) and some others like GTO angel beats but i need to know of some more.. soooo to help you guys to help i am 19 year old male from the uk the anime i like is ones the a realy realy moving stuff and fighting stuff like DBZ and stuff like that somthing that gets the blood going but i am willing to try anything fo sooo help i am board hehe

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Acer Aspire, Which is the best?

I’m thinking about buying a desktop replacement type laptop and after looking at some laptops, within the budget, I have found these 2 computers.

Acer Aspire 5535

Acer Aspire 6390g

I need to know which is the best depending on there graphics chip set graphics card, Memory RAM, and if extras like blue ray are really worth it.

I don’t have the right knowledge to know which one is better

a complex but informative answer would be much appreciated

The laptop will be used for things like Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Steam games and possibly some 3d intense games like assassins creed etc

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Best gift for an old school steam engine lover?

My grandfather used to work on the railroad and my father still loves trains. He’s over 60 now and I want to surprise him with a neat train related gift (other then a trip!). What are your ideas?

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