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Hey its Kadie.

I have got awfull blackheads all over my nose like this guys maybe not as much on the top but more on the sides and i also have it at the bottom area of my nose and its made it all red so i have two hideous red marks at the side of my nose.

In the past ive tried biore strips and they dont get them all off but i might buy some again. Im now using neutrogena blackhead eliminating cushions but it doesnt seem to be making effect??

Please help me to get rid of them! Please dont suggest steaming my face or popping them with tissues i doubt it will work!!

If you are telling me to buy a product im from the uk and i cant get anything pricey anything under about 7 pound would be suitable but only if the product is TREMENDOUS/SUPER/SHOCKINGLY OUTSTANDING!!

Thanks!! x

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Get rid of persistent blackheads on nose fast?

i know there’s already about a million of this question, but none of them had the exact same problem as me so i’m hoping someone can give me a sure fire way of getting rid of them.

i’ve had blackheads persistently on my nose for probably about 5 years now. it’s getting ridiculous, not the same ones but it’s never been clear.
it’s not even like 1 or 2 like other questions i read, it looks like i have black tiny freckles all over the lower part of my nose. they’re really getting me down.

i don’t wear foundation or concealers at all, just a bit of mascara
i’ve tried;
– steaming and squeezing (the won’t budge)
– scrubs
– masks
– giving them time
– acne creams that were for acne but helped a little (not more than a few though)
– scrubbing relentlessly and viciously when i get angry that they won’t go away

please help, and don’t just say nose strips because tons of reviews say they are useless.
also, don’t recommend a dermatologist as i’m in the UK and am on a year long waiting list, i need them gone now.

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What skin products/routines should you use for greasy skin with blackheads?

Moisturisers? Exfoliaters? Tea-tree? I don’t have a clue basically but I have greasy skin with blackheads I want to sort out. I know drinking water helps and I’m not really looking for methods such as using steam or honey or whatever it is people do :S… Any names of actual products available in the UK would be great. Thanks 😀

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