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Shirts That Go Little Boys’ Steam Train T-Shirt 4 White

  • Our Shirts run small – Order up for best fit
  • High detail realistic vehicle designs on soft tees
  • We use soft Royal Apparel & American Apparel kids t-shirts (thinner material than some brands)
  • Soft to the touch prints using water based eco friendly inks
  • Our Shirts run small – Order up a size to ensure best fit

Product Description
These shirts showcase our version of the classic American “steamy” printed huge and cruising across the prairie…. More >>

Shirts That Go Little Boys’ Steam Train T-Shirt 4 White

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Big Boys on TV!

NBC television traveled to Cheyenne, Wyoming in the 1950s to tell the story of Union Pacific’s Big Boys and of the transition from steam to diesel. The Union Pacific Historical Society discovered this marvelous film in UP’s film archives. Pentrex is now proud to share it with you. Ed Begley stars in this Lucky Strike Theater drama about an old-time steam engineer whose son has just returned home from the service. He hopes his son will follow in his footsteps at the railroad, but he meets with some interesting developments. Thousands of viewers across America watched this live broadcast. The program was typical of the day; everything was done live. The actors and studio camerawork are fascinating to watch. They take you right into the heart of this railroader’s life on the job and in the cab of his Big Boy. We also incorporated some of the original footage shot on locations showing Union Pacific’s Big Boys in action on Sherman Hill and in the Cheyenne Yards. This is all new material, not used in other Pentrex productions. Plus, we left in the old commercials that aired with the show. They will definitely make you smile! This is a video the whole family can enjoy.

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Western Steam Power “Big Boy’s in Action”

These are actual 16mm home movies films, made by the Late Robert G. Sage, SR. of Reading, PA. There were 12 Reels of movies from the late 1940’s through the 50’s. I bought these 16mm Films at a yard sale last year. I had them transferred through a freind of mind. All audio has been added. You will see rare locomotives in action from Small to Large. From 0-8-0’s to 4-8-8-4’s So sit back, put up your feet an enjoy. Len.

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Opportunity knocks along with Bono and the boys

Opportunity knocks along with Bono and the boys
The Metro Moncton concert machine is starting to rev up for the July 30 concert by Irish supergroup U2, and that will mean hundreds of temporary jobs and business opportunities.

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Pedal Ride On Toys For Your Boys

Are you wondering what to do with your toddler boys this summer?  Looking for something that’s both fun and interactive all at the same time?  Pedal ride on toys fit that criteria while also being safe and age appropriate for toddlers. I don’t know about your boys but mine were always up for a good adventure.  If this is true with yours then you might want to review the Spiderman Power Wheels before making that toy decision.

Do you find that sometimes those boys are rough to raise when they’re in the toddler stage? Are you wondering what you can do to turn a tough parenting day into a fun parenting day? We all have rough days with the kids and being able to go outside and let those boys let off some steam is usually a good way to go.

Turning a bad parenting day with a rambunctious or cranky boy into a good parenting day can be as simple as turning frustration in a little fun. Our children act badly because they’re feeling badly about something. Since they can’t always communicate well with us it can be difficult to try to pinpoint the problem. It’s great to be able to break up those bad feelings with good feelings and pedal ride on toys can be the perfect solution to your dilemma.

Toddler boys have lots of energy and being active and participating in physical activities is essential to a happy and content child. My boys used to climb on everything. They would climb on anything within reach and get into and make a mess out of everything within arms reach. Not all boys are content to sit still and those little legs of theirs need to be moving at all times….hence the pedal ride on toy.

Pedal ride on toys are a great means of physical exercise. Those little legs will pedal just as fast as possible to get from one place to another. This exercise will use their large muscle groups and enhance gross motor skills. They’ll also be getting an upper body workout when they steer around all those corners. Working their upper and lower body together will give them a great cardio-vascular workout to boot!

As a parent you may want to consider getting your boys an interactive toy that replicates someone who they admire.  Spiderman is a great superhero that boys have been looking up to for over 30 years. He gets to battle the villains and save the world on a regular basis. The Spiderman Power Wheels are a great way for boys to have some interactive fun while gaining independence and self-esteem.

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