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East Broad Top Narrow Gauge Railroad (Awesome Echos!!!)

We take a tip to the East Broad Top Narrow Gauge railroad in orbisonia PA. The EBT it the oldest and one of a few operating narrow gauge railroads east of the Mississippi River. The engine that pulls the days train is 2-8-2 #15. Built by the Baldwin locomotive works of Philadelphia Pennsylvania in February 1914. She has an operating boiler pressure pf 180 LBS. The railroad was chartered April 16, 1856 to mine and transport coal from the rich fields of Broad Top Mountain. The railroad did become a reality until the Rockhill Iron & Coal Company was incorporated. In 1919, the EBT was purchased by Madeira Hill & Company. At Mt. Union, MHC established a coal cleaning plant and a “timber transfer.” Originally, the timber transfer was used to transfer wood from narrow to standard gauge cars from the McKelvey Brothers Logging Company. When the McKelvey Brothers went out of business in 1933, the timber transfer was used to change the trucks under standard gauge cars to move on the EBT rails until abandonment. Right after closing in 1956, the Kovalchick Salvage Company of Indiana, PA, a large railroad scrapper, bought the railroad and all its assets. In 1960, passenger service was restored to celebrate the bicentennials of Orbisonia and Rockhill. The EBT was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1964 and remains the most comlete and authentic narrow gauge site in America and the last original narrow gauge east of the Rockies. In 2009 the nonprofit EBT Preservation Association

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East Broad Top Railroad: Fall Spectacular 2010

On this beautiful October fall foliage-filled day, the East Broad Top Railroad holds its annual Fall Spectacular. The video starts out with 15 switching for the m-7’s train, running through the yard, pulling into the station and out on the main. We will then follow 15 and take you through the beautiful Pennsylvania mountains that’s bursting with color! The first train is 15 with a freight special and the second train is 15 with a long passenger/freight mixed train (15 is really working on this train!). Enjoy the views of the venturous steam locomotive, 15, and relax to the sound of smoke chuffs, rod clanks, and one loud whistle!

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East Broad Top – 1870’s Shops Steam Engine – First run in over 50 years – Part 1

This 1870’s single cylinder steam engine came to the East Broad Top Railroad in 1882, reportedly from the Rockhill Iron and Coal Company iron furnace nearby. It resides in the Machine Shop near the boilers. This engine supplies the power to all the overhead line shaft and belt system that extends throughout the EBT shops complex. The line shafts powered over thirty five machines, for machining, wood working, blacksmithing and forging. It was last used over fifty years ago when the shops last ran under coal power. This was shortly after the East Broad Top shut down as a coal hauler in the spring of 1956. Since then the limited operation of section of the line shaft system has been via electric motors mounted in those section, disconnected from the rest of the system. In the late 70’s or early 80’s the building had settled too much, throwing the shafts out of line and causing their bearings to overheat in a short time. Since then the shafts too have been silent. In the early 1990’s the roof structure above the engine had deteriorated to the point it had rotted out the large main beam supporting the Boiler House and Machine Shop roof where they meet. Wood cribbing had to be erected atop the engine to hold the roof structure up. In 2002 Friends of the East Broad Top restoration crew members first stared working on the Boiler House and Machine Shop where the engine resides. Over the following seven years work has progressed, culminating in the installation of a replacement

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