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The Ring Of Fire Train Crash

This is the last 15 minutes to the movie Ring of Fire. This is where Georgia Pacific 2-8-2 and 2 Coaches meet their firey graves after falling of the wooden Wynoochee River Bridge. This was shot in the 60s near Shelton, WA. The wreck of the steam engine and cars can still be found somewhere in the forests of the olympic peninsula. Disclaimer: I do not own this in anyway. recived this clip from a freind. No copyright violation intended.

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Saturday Night Out — Longmoor Train Crash

Saturday Night Out was originally hosted by Robert Beatty as ‘The Man with the Mike’. The memorable title sequence started with a picture of a telephone on a desk. This would ring and a voice would say: “Outside Broadcast, we’re starting now…”. The camera would then pan out of the window, where we saw the Outside Broadcast vans (“Roving Eyes”) on the move and a BBC doorman saluting. The action would then cut to show the camera on the roof on the Roving Eye travelling fast down a straight road towards a hoarding showing the inscription “Saturday Night Out”. The brakes would squeal and the camera would burst through the hoarding and cut to the OB live transmission for this week. So began a weekly, hour long, live programme which was never filmed. The firm rule was that it was always live. One week it would be coming from the Midlands, the next week Brussels and the following week it might be Paris or London. In February 1956 The Royal Engineer’s were planning to send a steam engine named Merlin, a 1919 engine of the King Arthur class along the track, blowing up the track so the train went over an embankment. The driverless train goes speeding along the track, whistle blowing, it arrives at the embankment, where there is an explosion, the train rises slightly in the air, drives down the embankment & comes to rest in the middle of the plain, whistle still blowing. The train, tender & three carriages still remain upright! Somewhat of an anticlimax to the expected wreck of

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Experiments to derail trains – World War Two RailRoads & Spectacular Train Crash Documentary

In March 1944 the United States National Defense Resources Committee & Office of Strategic Services performed a number of experiments on the Claiborne-Polk military railroad to help determine the best way to derail trains. The results were presented in the film “Derailment”. The film discusses amount of explosive used, technique of making “gaps” in railroad track to overturn train. Uses filmographic techniques such as slow motion, reverse motion, and freeze frame to show effects of “gaps” and explosives on train and results of experiments. Illustrated arrows point to areas of train considered especially relevant to experiment. Narrator explains each type of explosive and reason for variations.

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David Gilliland Defends Position In Dale Earnhardt Jr. Crash

David Gilliland Defends Position In Dale Earnhardt Jr. Crash
After Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Martin Truex Jr. both appeared to place blame on cars drafting ahead of them following Wednesday’s  Daytona practice crash , one of those drivers defended himself. David Gilliland – who was drafting with Robby Gordon at the time of the crash – said he never moved up the track and was aware both Jimmie Johnson and Earnhardt Jr. were coming on the outside. Gordon may …

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