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Wolverhampton Steam 1967 – the Last Days

Montage of photographs by acclaimed photographer Nick Hedges of the end of steam locomotive servicing at Wolverhampton Oxley sheds in 1967. Music is Honky Tonk Train Blues played by Meade Lux Lewis.

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Last days of steam in the sixties- Photo Archive 2

After seeing Bob Masterman’s great collection of black and white photos of steam in the ’60s, I was inspired to dig out my old album and scan some of the prints that I had taken with my Brownie 127 in my schooldays. They are a bit of a mixed lot and nowhere near the quality of Bob’s, but I hope they may be of interest. Please forgive the 4 photos of “modern traction”- some of the subjects are no longer with us! Please also forgive the quality- I did dabble with home developing in those days, not always as successful as I would have liked. The final photo of 68012 was taken at Middleton Top Shed which was possibly the remotest MPD in Britain, apart from Sheep Pastures which didn’t even have a shed!

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Southern Steam: Steam Days at London Waterloo

A few archive clips from Waterloo station in Southern Railway days, c1938. ‘Lord Nelson’ LN Class No.861 arrives as ex-London & South Western Railway M7 Class 0-4-4T No.40 waits for the right of way. Ex-L&SWR ‘Greyhound’ T9 Class 4-4-0 No.705. ‘Schools’ V Class 4-4-0 No.932 ‘Blundells’ with her unique self trimming tender. An M7 0-4-4T on pilot duty. ‘King Arthur’ N15 Class 4-6-0 No.788 ‘Sir Ure of the Mount’

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BYGONE Days of Steam part two

My Father Albert Vale used to drive these great iron horses the Steam Train and I know that he wanted to do a webpage and upload his videos but he was unable due to ill health so here I am doing his video for him and then later his webpage . in memory of Albert Vale

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Southern Steam – the early days of the Bulleid Pacifics

Scenes from the early life of the Bulleid pacifics. Merchant Navy Class 4-6-2 No.21C1 ‘Channel Packet’ under construction at Eastleigh in 1941. Views of Bulleid’s chain driven motion being tested. Channel Packet’s naming ceremony in 1941. Merchant Navy Class 4-6-2 No.21C19 ‘French Line CGT’, with the later arrangement of smoke deflectors, being prepared for duty at Nine Elms, revering into Waterloo and departing with the 3:30 for Bournemouth. Scenes at Waterloo featuring the hydraulic buffer stops and No.21C12 ‘United States Lines’ departing with a West Country express. A short clip of No.21C16 ‘Elders Fyffes’ at speed. Battle of Britain Class 4-6-2 No.21C149 Anti-Aircraft Command in colour in 1947. Merchant Navy Class 4-6-2 No.35017 ‘Belgian Marine’ during the British Railways Locomotive Exchange trials at Euston and hauling the ‘Royal Scot’ up Camden Bank in 1948, with a Stanier water-scoop tender and the LMS dynamometer car in tow.

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The Last Days of Steam – classic archive cine film

Found in our archive – the last days of steam from Perry’s Movies.

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Bygone days of steam part three 0001

another video for the Steam train as it was in the sixties,I was lucky enough in my view to live at the side of the main line that ran through a place called chat moss to some astley moss to others barton moss but the trains would thunder past shaking the whole cottage,I loved it.

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Why is my Internet connect very slow this past 3 days?

My internet connection has been very slow this past few days and I have no idea why.
I play Steam – Garry’s Mod as well which is a gaming program and has been running VERY slow.

I have WIRED connection with Sky Broadband.
I recently upgraded to Windows 7 and installed Avast Anti virus.
I have done a full scan with Avast and no threats were found. I also have been installing numerous files and programs as I said I recentley upgraded to windows 7.
I have done a speed test, Not at as it does not work for me for some reason…
I used and my download speed was 80kbps with a upload speed of 384kps

If you need any more information leave a message and check up on the question as i will update 🙂

I am in desperate need of help!

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