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The L&N Don’t Stop Here Anymore…..

He said, “Go to school and get your letters, Don’t you be a dirty coal miner like me.” PLEASE WATCH MY OTHER VIDEOS!!! Go, Jerry, Go!! HillBilly DeLuxe THIS IS WHAT REAL AMERICAN HEROES LOOK LIKE!

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Why don’t we use steam locomotives in America anymore?

I know that the main reason is that they are not as efficient as a diesel, but I say bull****! There are multiple steam engines that are faster and just as strong if not stronger than a diesel, such as Union pacific #844, C&O #614, Southern Pacific’s Forward cab locomotives.
They were also dirty, but I have heard that they converted them to oil, or some even to a cleaner material.
And let’s be honest, A steam locomotive looks much much better than a greasy old diesel

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Why don’t they make compressed-air steam engine autos, trucks and etc?

This combines the ideas of the compressed air-car, multi-stage steam engine efficiency and regenerative braking. Electric power companies use steam engines to generate electricity because it is much more efficient. The efficiency of internal combustion engines has a mechanical efficiency of about 20%. Using a small steam engine, is more efficient, cleaner and simpler than an internal combustion engine however nobody wants to wait for the steam to heat up. Two 43 liter tanks of compressed-air would provide 15-20 miles while the boiler heats up. This solves the drawbacks of straight steam power. When the steam pressure becomes adequate the engine would automatically switch from air to steam pressure. During braking the engine would work backwards as a compressor forcing air back into the air cylinder tanks. The water in the boiler would keep from freezing by automatically heating the water with the fuel when the temperature was too low. SUV Results: 73.8 MPG @ 15 gal. water.
So far, this engine design appears to be a viable improvement. You should watch the Mythbusters episode “Air Cylinder of Death.” This episode proved that a scuba tank doesn’t explode so much as they take off like a rocket. Gas cylinders just have to be installed correctly. Boilers are also safe since the tubes are enclosed in an unsealed housing, a burst tube would simply let steam go out the exhaust. No chance of explosion.

The fuel used to heat the boiler could be heated by gasoline, oil, propane, natural gas, ethanol, diesel, alcohol or even hydrogen. The air to fuel mixture just needs to be adjusted to the optimum stoichiometric reaction.

Along with your opposing answer provide a possible improvement.

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Are you liberal & scientific? Why don’t you support the scholarly campaign to legalise adult / child sex?

The Washington Times
April 19, 2002

A new book that says child molesters are not a major peril to children is part of a larger movement within academia to promote “free sexual expression of children.”

The movement to legitimize sex between adults and children is “gathering steam,” warns Stephanie Dallam, researcher for the Leadership Council for Mental Health, Justice and the Media in Philadelphia, an organization that deals with prevention and treatment of child abuse. “Some people view children as the next sexual frontier,” Ms. Dallam says.

Feminist writer Judith Levine’s book “Not Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Kids from Sex” has been condemned by those who say she excuses sexual abuse of children ? a charge she strongly denies.

Ms. Levine says she was “misunderstood” after a news article last month quoted her saying a boy’s sexual experience with a priest “conceivably” could be positive. “Do I advocate priests having sex with their child parishioners? No, absolutely no,” she said in a telephone interview. However, she said, “The research shows us that in some minority of cases, young ? even quite young ? people can have a positive [sexual] experience with an adult. That’s what the research shows.”

Judith Levine’s 2002 book in which she suggests:

– Liberalization of age-of-consent laws in the US
– The conception of minors as sexual beings
– Weakening most United States laws governing possession of child pornography

Review of her book:

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Laptop help! don’t know what to do!?

i have been searching for a good laptop and i think i found one. the problem is that i don’t know if this is a good laptop as i have a small budget. i want a laptop that plays game but i think i am stating the obvious when i say are these specs good for playing new games.

PROCESSOR Intel® Pentium® Dual Core Processor ULV SU4100 (1.30GHz, 2MB, 800MHz) edit
OPERATING SYSTEM Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64bit, English edit
MEMORY 2048MB 800MHz Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM [2×1024] edit
HARD DRIVE 250GB (7,200rpm) Serial ATA Hard Drive edit
AVATAR Alienhead 3D
PRE-INSTALLED GAMES Steam® Gaming forum and download application edit
WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY Dell Wireless 1520 Half Mini Card (802.11n)
LCD 29.5cm (11.6″) WideHD 1366×768 (720p) LCD
PRIMARY BATTERY 8-cell 63Whr Lithium Ion battery
Power Supply 65W AC Adaptor
Cables UK 220V Power Cord

see its a gaming laptop but i don’t know if its good enough to play games like, tf2, gmod, mw2, etc

many thanks in advance.

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Why don’t they sell healthy food at the funfair?

Here at UK fairs all they sell is candy floss, ice cream, donuts, hot dogs, fish and chips, toffee apples and fizzy drinks.

Why don’t they sell healthy foods like steamed celery, bread sticks or bottle water; it’s much healthier.
MIGHTY MINNIE – but funfair food makes you FAT!

Heart attacks aren’t fun.

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Weekend planner: Don’t miss out on special holiday events around Bay City

Weekend planner: Don’t miss out on special holiday events around Bay City
There’s plenty of holiday magic in store around the Bay City area this weekend.

Read more on The Bay City Times

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How do you play msts (microsoft Train Simulator) I dont know how to run a steam engine?

and how do you run two or more trains in one game?

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