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Steam Engine Brass Dual Piston

  • Dual Piston design
  • Self Lubricating
  • A Dstar Exclusive
  • Durable all brass

Product Description
This is a fully assembled and highly detailed dual piston steam engine. This is a Dstar exclusive creation and works as great as it looks. The majority of the parts are brass and thus require little to no maintenance. As normal Dstar Engines offers a full warranty and has spare parts available. can run off alcohol or solid fuel pellets… More >>

Steam Engine Brass Dual Piston

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Dual Stuart Serius Steam engine driven generator/dynamo WWII UK Paratrooper See eBay next month

This was built ca 1944 to be used by British paratroopers to charge radio batteries. The drum it was dropped in was used as the boiler. This dual engine version is very rare and develops over 1 horsepower!

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