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Can you proofread my history essay for spellings?

Economical impact (negative)
Aswell as the good impact unfortunatley there is the negative impact. In my point of view the worst of them all was the pollution in the air. But I think it was all worth it. Another bad point was as well as people getting hired a lot also got fired. These companies became backrupt as nobody needed the turnpike trust to build the roads anymore as they used the trains more than roads. A few more companies who went out of buisness are:
?Horse and Carriage
Tax’s also went up. Working conditions god worse and worse pay as more people thought I can pay these people less as they deperate for a job.

Social impact (positive)
This was used a lot and it improved a lot of things for the better. Thanks to the trains we got first class post because They could pile it on a train and send it out to the village, therefore it will get ther quicker. So people paid more to get there post delieverd on near enough the same day. They could also take daily newspapers from London and distribute them between the UK. As they could distribute papers throught the country people started reading them which gave them an education this is linked to politics and that how it started all out
The train also had a massive impactof traveling. As it is a faster way to travel from A to B. This table I have show you shows how long it takes to get from London to the specified town. In 1836 they used horse and carriage and 1850 is steam train. Just look and compare the amazing difference.

In This essay I will be talking about the impact of the railway during the industrial revolution. This will be the 18-19th centuary. The topics I will be covering are the social and economic impact, along with both views of the topic (positive and negative.) These will all be covered in my essay.
Economic impact (positive)
Lots of things came from the industrial revolution positive and negative im going to write about them both, first the positive. Econimical means money, jobs and trade. Some of the things that happened in the industrial revolution were:
?Trade got faster
?More people were employed
?People visited the world more
Lots peope got to try new foods, as the trains could transport the foods without them going off. Some of the new foods they could try was:
As a result of this we got FISH & CHIPS! (a good old english dish.)
Jobs & Employment
Loads of people benefited from this period of time. Train track layers, for example they would of needed to learn new skills to lay tracks. Not just for trains but for the mine carts along the mines. This is how buisness men would make there millions

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need help writing descriptive essay about taking a shower?

i cant think of anything else to write i have 280 words but need 500. can any1 help.

Oh how I love to shower. I feel like I am entering into my own world as my feet caress the cool, smooth, slick tiles on the floor. The water warmed to perfection feels extremely good; especially, now that it feels like an ice box outside. The sound of the calming water drip dropping and splish splashing feels like I have gone to sleep, and I am now in a dream. I have fallen head over heels in love with the shower.
The smell of the fresh fragrance soap is ever so sensual. There is hardly any day that I take a shower and not try to use almost every last bit of soap. I can’t help it, it smells so good! The sweet-scented air mixed with warm steam enters my nostrils and makes the tiny hair follicles inside dance with joy. It seems like taking a shower makes me loose the little bit of self control I possess.
I try and try with all of my might to take a quick five minute shower. Unfortunately, once I reach the tight confined place where I feel like I am completely alone, the peacefulness and tranquility overcome me and I refuse to leave. I tell myself multiple times, I am going to get out. The wonderful feeling the water gives me is massively overwhelming. Once my time consuming experience is over, I feel like a brand new toy just taken out of the box. I feel as if i am ready for anything my new day brings me. Many people see the shower as a place to get clean, but I see the shower as the magical doorway to my ideal world.

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