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12 Steam Train rice paper fairy / cup cake 40mm toppers pre cut decoration

  • Edible paper cup cake fairy cake toppers – for all occasions and ages
  • 100% edible – Extremely easy to use , just place on top of any icing
  • Fantastic for decorating those great little cakes
  • Ingrediants ; potato starch , vegetable oil , water – water based food colouring
  • Pre cut and ready to use

Product Description
Edible paper cake toppers are the easiest and very best way to give your fairy or cup cakes that final finishing touch . You make the cakes Let us “Simply Topp” It for you…. More >>

12 Steam Train rice paper fairy / cup cake 40mm toppers pre cut decoration

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The Fairy Queen EIR 22

fairy queen, the oldest working steam locomotive in the world makes a trip between Delhi and Rewari

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Fairy Queen – World Oldest Running Steam Engine

The Fairy Queen as seen during the parade of steam engines on 02-February-2007. ==== About the Fairy Queen ==== A Guinness World Record holder, this engine is the pride of the Indian Railways. It is the world’s oldest locomotive in working condition. Built in 1855 by Kitson Thompson and Hewitson of Leeds, UK this engine has once again been pressed into service on popular demand since 27-Sep-1997 and has been periodically hauling tourist trains between Delhi and Alwar. This engine was the first exhibit to be brought to the National Rail Museum in New Delhi, at the time of the laying of its foundation stone in 1971. This locomotive is said to have hauled troop trains to Raniganj during the 1857 War of Independence. The engine weighs 26 tonnes, has a gauge of 5′ 6″, coal capacity of 2 tonnes(app.), wheel arrangement with 2-2-2 T WT and Stephenson valve gear.

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The Fairy Queen-Luxury Train

The Fairy Queen is an exceptional venture embarked on by the Indian Railways. The steam locomotive has the feature of being the oldest in function. Currently the Fairy Queen carries travelers on an enthralling and mesmerizing journey from Delhi to Alwar in Rajasthan. The tour also engages visits to the Sariska wildlife sanctuary.


The steam engine was constructed in 1855 by engineers Kitson, Thompson, & Hewitson for the East India Railway. The engine came into service on the Howrah Ranigunj course, and was named as ‘Fairy Queen’ in 1895. In 1971, it was displayed for the first time in the National Railway Museum. After tactics were being finalized for its restoration, repair work was finished in 1996 at the Integral Coach Factory, Perumbur. Lastly, the Fairy Queen was added as an appeal for tourism in India on 18th July, 1997, making its maiden profitable journey from Delhi to Alwar.

The plan has received many acclaims, including the National Tourism Award for the most novel sightseeing project in January 1999. The Fairy Queen was confirmed the world’s oldest working locomotive Guinness Book of World Records.

The Coaches:

The Fairy Queen has two air-conditioned coaches consists of a traveler chair car with a sitting room capacity of 50, and a pantry car. The relaxed seats of the saloons and the big windows add up to the entire experience. Different from the other luxury trains of India, there is no facility for aboard accommodation in the Fairy Queen.

Travelers are taken to the historic sites of Delhi, the delightful town of Alwar in Rajasthan, and the well-known Sariska wildlife safe haven, which is also a tiger reserve. The train commences from Delhi Cantonment Station on every 2nd and 4th Saturday in the months of October and March.

Day First At 10-00 hours in the morning the train departs from Delhi Cantonment Station

At 4 in the evening the train arrives at Alwar Railway Station. At around 4.20 the train departs from Alwar in an Air-conditioned coach. At 5.30 the tourists check in at the Sariska Palace hotel. At 8 in the evening there is a special cultural Function followed by dinner.

Day Second – Nearly at 6.30 in the morning the Jeep Safari takes you to the  Sariska Tiger Reserve. Around 9 we return from the Sariska Tiger Reserve and the breakfast is served at the Tiger Den Hotel. The air-conditioned coach takes you to the Alwar Railway Station. The train departs from Alwar at 1 in the afternoon and five hours of journey it arrives at Delhi Cantonment station.

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Vintage steam engine : Fairy Queen

The vintage steam engine, “Fairy Queen” , rushes past Shahbad Mohammadpur station en route to Delhi Cantonment station, from Alwar, hauling the special tourist train, Fairy Queen Express, at 18:18 hrs on Sunday, Feb. 24, 2008. This vintage engine,# EIR-22, was built in 1855 at Leeds, UK, by Kitson Thompson & Hewitson. It was the first exhibit at the National Railway Museum in New Delhi in 1971; brought in on its own steam! It runs on broad-gauge tracks (width 5’6″), and has a wheel arrangement of 2-2-2TWT. Resurrected from its hibernation in the Museum after a major overhaul at the Perambur Loco Works near Madras, it hauls a 2-coach tourist special every winter season between Delhi Cantonment to Alwar and back. This locomotive also took part in the Steam locomotive Parade held in New Delhi in Feb. 2007 – the video of this parade is also on this site.

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