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Where can i find plans for a miniature model of a working steam engine?

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Where can I find a part for my lionel steam locomotive? Part # 610-8009-540. Steam chest for a Mohawk L3 4-8-2

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steam locomotive sounds on cd were can i find?

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Where can I find this lifestyle?

I can’t really describe it in words so I’ve given some links to pictures. It’s sort of like it’s sophisticated night life but not rich and snobby, i associate it with jazz and blues clubs, crooners, dimly lit places, misty cold damp calm nights, a Frank Sinatra song called Fly Me to the Moon. – look at the background mostly – this isnt very good – this one’s better – the 3 pictures
– biggest picture

yeah I know my description’s pretty vague and you probably looked at some photos thinking what the hell? If you know what im trying to say do you know a proper name for it, or where I can find it (anywhere in the world)? thanks
yes mimi thats it
where in australia do you live im in perth i dont know many here?

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Find out more about American prototype Marklin model trains

American prototype Marklin model trains are often only used by a small and tight knit group of enthusiasts. This is because Marklin is a German based company and usually creates trains for the European market. In general they manufacture models on a three rail track, which is something very uncommon in North America.


They have now created some model trains for the American market. They have released American themed items in the scales of HO, Z and 1. They have also released models in the N scales under the Trix brand name. Generally, you will find most HO scaled trains in North America.


In 1972, Marklin revolutionized the model railroad world with the introduction of the Z gauge. This has the scale of 1:220. These trains are known to have incredible detail and accuracy when compared to the originals. The craftsmanship is something that Marklin takes very seriously, and this has led to their popularity.


They create strong locomotives from die-cast metal and rolling stock with incredible prototype detail. Their fans and collectors seek out these trains for the small scale trains and the detail that comes with them. Besides the trains having incredible detail, the operating systems that they create are also known for their great performance.


Their systems use nickel silver rails for optimum electrical pickup. They also use color coder plug and socket wiring, and a system of plugs and sockets built into the end of each track. This ensures that the tracks are properly aligned and very reliable. It also gives the mechanical connection reliability.


Marklin has hundreds of American and European prototype trains, accessories and track extensions. This makes the manufacturer one of the most popular in the hobby and gives them the strong fan base that they have managed to hold on to for many years.


Just recently, they have released a number of new American prototypes. One of these is the HO digital UP class 4000 “Big Boy” locomotive. This is a model of the union pacific railroad heavy freight locomotive. It comes with a digital decoder and a sound generator. It has a powerful motor with a bell shaped armature and flywheel mounted in the boiler.


The model locomotive also has an articulated frame which enables it to negotiate sharp curves on the track. There are steam lines mounted to swing out and back with the cylinders. There are also a number of other finely crafted details which make this a great model to collect and have in your collection.


Marklin also have a number of kits that you can buy. They have a 45649 HO American freight 10-car set. If you are looking to add a number of cars to your collection then this is a great set to choose. They also offer individual trucks such as the Pennsylvania railroad type N5c caboose. This is a detailed truck with special wheel sets.


As you can see there are plenty of American prototype models that you can find and buy if you want to collect a range of Marklin models.

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Modern car with a steam engine? Where would I find such an engine, and could I fit it to a modern car?

I just read an article at… and found other articles about steam cars, including modern attempts by a British car club at breaking the world speed record for steam powered cars. Where can I get a high-powered engine like the one in the article? (and how much would it cost?) As fascinating as this revival of steam technology is, is it really feasible? Has anyone actually done this in the recent past for a car used daily for normal driving? Convince me.

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Tips For A Perfect London Vacation: How To Find Best Hotels In London

Are you planning to visit London in your next vacation? It is in fact one of the hotspots for tourists. This city invites tourist to many historical sites. London city is sure to surprise the first time visitors. There are some hotels in London which are very much similar to the houses of Dickens stories. There are lots of London UK hotels available in great deals in London. These discount hotels London proffer reasonable breakfast and bed and are located in all the districts of London.

The inexpensive London hotels are quite comfortable. They do not have any overhead expenditure. Some of these hotels offer cheapest accommodation at London. You will surely find cheap hotels in the district of St Pancras or Kings Cross. Locations like Earls Court, Victoria and Paddington all have breakfast places and accommodation facilities.

However, the cheap hotels in London are not restricted to reasonable breakfast places and accommodations only. Choice is actually yours. If your finance allows it, you can even get a good deal in main steam London hotels. You just need to research a bit for this. Most of the tourists spend their weekends in areas like Kensington, Paddington and Bayswater. You can get great deals on London hotels at these places in the mid-week.

However in most cases London hotels are very expensive. In fact it is very hard to find cheap hotels in London. It will really be difficult for you if you want to find a good room in London at 150 pounds for a night. It is really expensive! However, you can still make things turn to your side if you pay attention to some points.

Travel time plays an important role. If you want to save some money on the London UK hotels, it is better to visit the place at specific season when there won’t be hordes of people. Next, you can also find out cheap hotels in London by consulting with your colleagues and friends. It is true that hotels in London are costly but there are also some hotels that offer rooms at very reasonable price. Moreover, you might not know much about this city; in that case, you should take your friends advice.

You should also make use of the internet for finding out hotels offering great deals at specific season. In fact, this is the best way of finding cheap hotels in London. You don’t even need to have any prior knowledge about hotel names to find out a better one. So, keep these points in mind if you want to save money on London hotels. Finding out an inexpensive hotel is not impossible.

Count Hall, Soukwark and Euston are some of the business districts in this city. Many visitors visit these places during week days for business purpose. During weekend, the hotels in these locations are not so much full. If you properly look at the hotels in these places, you can definitely find out a great deal for yourself. So check out cheap London hotel deals when you visit London and make the best choice.

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i need to find a steam engine train that carries passengers?

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