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A Steam Train Passes (1974) full video

The best documentary about a steam train ever… no voice-over, only sound and image. A Steam Train Passes is an award winning Australian 1974 short film set in the 1940s, featuring the operation of locomotive 3801, Australia’s best known and most widely travelled locomotive. Built in 1943, it ran until 1976 when boiler problems forced it to become a static exhibit. However, it was restored in 1986 and has been back in museum operation ever since. It is currently under the custody of the New South Wales Rail Transport Museum. This 1974 film was directed by David Haythornwaite. The actors are real drivers Chris O’Sullivan and (fireman) Harold Fowler, employees of the New South Wales Public Transport Commission.

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Andy James ‘Time and Time Again’ (Full Length) from Custom Metal Series 2

DOWNLOAD TAB, BACKING TRACK FOR ALL 5 TRACKS AT: DOWNLOAD EP VERSION AT: Following on from 2012’s biggest selling JTC package so far comes Andy James’ Custom Metal Series 2. Andy takes a more ‘metal melodic’ approach to this series yet still manages to come at it like a steam train with riffs and techniques that will keep you practising for weeks upon weeks. The series contains 5 tracks which combine a mixture of a more rockier approach, with the occasional bit of funk and ballad thrown in yet always contains some meaty metal and pure emotion. Time and Time Again is one of the stand out tracks from the series and here it is in all its glory!

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Take a ride on the Walt Disney World Monorail. I boarded the train at the Frontierland Railroad Station and rode it around the entire park. ALL ABOARD! Check out my Theme Park Blog: Filmed on 08-02-2011 (August 2011) This video features the song “Tranquility Base” by Kevin MacLeod ( The song is licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0.

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Poptropica Mystery Train Island Walkthrough (full)

This is my full walkthrough for the newest island for non-members as of 20 November 2011, Mystery Train Island. For more walkthroughs and other stuff related to Poptropica, visit Thanks for your support! Also, please subscribe to my channel if this video helped! 🙂

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Santa Fe 3751 at Full Steam Thunder with Whistle Blowing Through Carlsbad in 2010

Sunday May 2, 2010 – the San Diegan special heading back to Los Angeles from San Diego’s Santa Fe Depot. This was shot at Carlsbad Poinsettia by the Santa Fe 3751 with the silver California Zephyr dome cars in tow. Top speed on this run was 63mph, and this is a great shot with full whistle and thundering steam!

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Face Full O’ Steam – Riding Behind T&NO 786

View from behind Austin Steam Train Assn’s Mikado-type locomotive #786 on the “Hill Country Flyer” Tourist train March 15th, 1998. Notice when they run with the cylinder cocks open blowing steam. The engine is now being rebuilt and expected to return to service in the near future. more info:

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Full steam ahead?

Full steam ahead?
More money will be needed to keep the restoration project of The Spirit of Sir John A. on track, according to a report that will go before city council Tuesday.[…]

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Should Congress be racing toward health care reform like a locomotive with a full head of steam?

Or should they be having a far more careful look at the issue?
No Bert, I mean understand not just the language of any bill presented but understand the likely ramifications of its implementation.

Do you think that’s to much to ask?

I’m not pushing an agenda here. I’m trying to understand how people feel about healthcare. I’ve asked several questions along these lines.

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