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Lives of the Engineers (George and Robert Stephenson). – 01 – Introduction Part 2

Free audiobook recording of Lives of the Engineers (George and Robert Stephenson). – 01 – Introduction Part 2, by Samuel Smiles. Full playlist: http://www.yo…

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“King George V” steam train passing Saunderton

GWR “King George V” steam train excursion passing Bradenham and Saunderton, Bucks, UK, on the Chiltern Line. 30 December 2004

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Hail St George!

Hail St George!

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Home Page > Arts & Entertainment > Hail St George!

Hail St George!

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Posted: Apr 18, 2009 |Comments: 0


St George is the Patron Saint of England. He will forever be popularly identified with England and English ideas of honour, bravery and gallantry. His emblem of a red cross on a white background is the flag of England and also forms part of the British Flag too. Perhaps he is more widely renowned as being the slayer of the dragon in the well known story of George and the Dragon.

St George’s Day is the 23rd April. The celebration of St George’s day is currently a fairly low-key affair in England. Particularly in comparison to how other countries celebrate their patron saints. For example Ireland’s St Patrick’s Day is widely celebrated all over the UK and the USA.

This is why there is a nationwide campaign to make St George’s Day a day to be recognised throughout the UK, to celebrate our English Heritage. To officially mark it as England’s National Day, with calls to make it a public holiday too.

Many events are still held across England in celebration. St George is also the Patron Saint of Scouting. So this day will also see thousands of scouts and guides throughout England parade through high streets as well as attending special church services.

So why not join in the festivities and be proud of our English heritage. An Englishman’s house is his castle and no castle is complete without a flag. So get online to and hoist an England Flag up your flagpole and show your neighbours how much you love your country. Why not get the Jones’s next door some St George’s Flag Fridge Magnets as a gift too, so they do not feel left out!

But what ultimately are the English synonymous for? Yes, I know what you are thinking, but no, the answer I am looking for is not our poor performing football team. Tea of course, you obviously didn’t have your cuppa this morning!
Celebrate all that is quintessentially English with an Afternoon Tea Experience for Two. I’m not talking a teabag and a garibaldi biscuit in front of the television either. Enjoy afternoon tea at the stunning Palm Court Restaurant of the Park Lane Hotel in London. You will be served a selection of finger sandwiches. (Very posh, but you are oh so very worth it.) Followed by delicious scones with clotted cream (what else!) seasonal preserves and (this is the best bit if you have a sweet tooth) a selection of French pastries-oh la-la, monsieur you are spoiling us! All accompanied with a choice of exquisite teas from around the globe.

Cathedrals encapsulate our British Heritage. Standing the test of time, they hold a wealth of history in their walls. Travel back in time on a unique steam-hauled express train and visit some of England’s beautiful Cathedral cities. allows you to make tracks with the Cathedrals Express Steam Train Experience. The Express Train runs from April to November. It goes to different cities on different dates, including Bath, Cambridge, Canterbury, Gloucester, Lincoln and Wells, to name but a few. All trips last about 8-9 hours, with at least 3-4 hours to explore at leisure.

So on the 23rd April give a shout to St George and go do something really English! Take a picnic out into the countryside. Cook up a full English breakfast for everyone. Or really step back in time and visit a castle, you never know there may be a jousting tournament taking place or even better still, dragon slaying, in which case you really will be hailing for St George!

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Who is buried in st george’s chapel windsor ?

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Jessie Jones joined in 2008 and has been writing fabulous articles ever since! Please visit Find Me A Gift to see our fantastic range of Gifts and gadgets, there are over 2500 gifts to choose from for men, women and children! Please visit Find Me A Gift to browse our range of Mens Gifts

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when was george stephensons steam train built. ?

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George Stephenson

By the end of the 18th century a little boy of George Stephenson lived in a cottage near Newcastle.

His father worked in the nearby coal mine, looking after the big clumsy steam engines which pumped water out of the mines. Near their cottage ran a “railway” along which horses used to pull wagons full of coal. George never went to school. As soon as he was 8 he worked in the fields pulling up turnips, He was fascinated by his father’s pumping engines, and when he was 14 he started working as his father’s assistant. He spent all his spare time taking engines to   pieces, .studying them, and making models. He taught himself to read, and read all about engines.
Steam had been used to work station since the beginning of the 18th century, when Thomas Newcomer had made the first one. But they were too heavy and clumsy to be used for locomotives, or moving vehicles. Then, in 1770 a Frenchman made the first “steam road-carriage” which could move at 5 kilometers an hour. A Cornish engineer, Richard Trevithick, made a rather more efficient engine, which the coal miners found useful instead of horse-drawn wagons for the heavy coal. But even Trevithick’s engine was clumsy, slow, and wasteful.

George Stephenson, as he grew up, became more and more determined to design a better locomotive; but he had no money. So he worked hard mending watches and cobbling1 people’s shoes in his spare time, and saving every penny lie earned. By the time he was 33 he produced his first locomotive. In order to make his engine less noisy, he put in a pipe to lead the steam from his engine’s cylinder to the funnel, and then discovered that this “blast pipe” so increased the draught of air through the engine’s furnace that the engine had much more power than Trevithick’s engine had had. The coal-mine owners were so impressed that they agreed to use Stephenson’s engine to move coal along a 14-kilometre railway line from the mine to the port. Then he persuaded a firm of engineers to let him build a railway line from Stockton to Darlington in County Durham, along which his steam locomotive would run instead of horse wagons. In 1825 this line. 61 kilometers long, was opened with the first train carrying both goods and passengers.

Stephenson, with the help of his son Robert, started a factory for building locomotives and for laying railway lines strong enough to carry them safely. He was now becoming so well-known that a firm planning a railway lines from Liverpool to Manchester made him the chief engineer. But people were frightened of these engines and believed they were dangerous. Some people thought that to travel so fast would make them ill; farmers were afraid that their cattle would be frightened out of their lives’ Those who owned canals were afraid they would lose their business. So before he could start this new railway, Stephenson had to go up to London to persuade the Government to give permission. And, though people laughed at his North-country way of talking and jeered at his “wild ideas”, he convinced the government and won permission.

Building the railway truck was difficult, for it had to cross about 16 kilometers of very boggy  land, which Stephenson had to make firm by laying deep foundation. Also bridges and tunnels and cuttings through high land had to be made. Stephenson worked furiously, and by 1829 the railway was ready. Then a competition was held, with a price of 500 (a great deal of money in those days). for the best engine to pull a train. George and Robert Stephenson’s engine, the Rocket, was the only one which proved efficient and easily won the prize. The Rocket was able to average a speed of 16 kilometers an hour and to cover 110 kilometers in a day, and also to move both forwards and backwards. On September 15, 1830, the Duke of Wellington opened the new railway line, and the Rocket pulled a 20-tonne train 55 kilometer in under 2 hours.

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King George V at Swindon

The GWRs most famous loco,sadly a stationary exhibit at Swindon’s fine Muesum: STEAM.

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