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Can anyone with a knowledge of steam locomotives tell me what’s going on in this video?

Here it is:

I know they are test firing it, but what exactly are they doing? is it something to do with the throttle? Safety valve?
Thank you! I appreciate it! Some day…some day I hope to own my own.

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do you think that steam locomotives are going to make a comeback since oil is getting so high?

in the USA we have 400 years worth of coal that we can use and we have the tech to use it better.
yeah lan f but if things get that bad there going to throw those regs out the window because people are going to want there things and one of the few ways is with coal. note: most power plants in the country are coal powered and they get there coal from trains!!!

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music video with stop animation of the singers head and a train going around it?

i think there is something like “you can drive a steam train” in the lyrics

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Going dentist in 2

I have an abcess, it started too show itself 3 days ago..sadly it was weekend..couldnt go dentist.. it started on the front top left tooth, first as a major tooth ache, then next day it hurt if i touched it in the slightest and my mouth was somewhat numb.. next day my face was mainly numb..tooth doesnt hurt so much just feels sensetive.. and i just woke..i look like the elephant man.. its soothing down a bit but it hurts a bit..and looks so horrible.. i hardly wanna leave the house..what will they do too me…. will they drill and drain the infection out first?.. i hear some stuff in the infection can stop the pain killers from working..and may leave it a week too clear out then i go back for root canal.. i want it gone NOW.. i feel so hideous….

Me before it

Me this morning.. just took it..

I dont mind people adding my msn.. i need supportive words please.. i keep crying.. :/.. im scared of stuff like this…
sorry repeated the same picture, this is me now..
Thank you everyone, i went and they gave me Amoxicillin, i’ve sorted out when i take them.

British time:



Hopefully swelling will go down, he wants too see my progress on thursday..bit early..but okay 😛

I’d pick you all as best answers if i could, you helped a bunch!

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Obviously a steam locomotive but there appears to be electro-diesels too. What exactly is going on here?

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Does the Steam Train still run to the Grand Canyon or is it only the Diesel Engines? Going in Aug to Williams?

I have been planning a fly drive to the West Coast of the USA and would love to take the steam train from Williams to the South rim of the Grand Canyon. I can only find info on the Diesel Engines that make this trip and none on the steam train but would love to take the steam train. Any answers or information would be welcomed.

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