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Buying a laptop … need urgent help!?

Right, i am looking at 2 laptops from pc world, ill provide links below, please take a good look at them both. I am getting one primarily for world of warcraft (and the expansion, also the other one next year) windows live messenger and possibly some steam games like half life 2 etc. only about 4 games.
I do not need zoom zoom, amazingly fast performance etc but a good framerate and speed would be nice (this is for world of warcraft which is basically why im buying one).
here are the links for them please take a good look and give me answers! (lol)
if you could sujjest a better one? prefferably form pc world
well my friend has a really…turd worth 300 pound and is really runs the game ok…..

ill state again im buying it for WoW, cs:s and some other steam games will probably run. From what i can see the 2nd link is better than the 1st. any more answers please

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TRAIN+Locomotive+STEAM enthusiast please HELP!!!!???


Im wanting to thank someone for helping me out with something very important to me.

The guy who helped me is apparently a steam/locomtive enthusiast.

Im thinking of creating a graphic/illustrative “snazzy” painting in my style (NOT a formal “photo-like” painting)

MY QUESTION IS;- what trains/stations/tracks should feature on this paintning. it will be a mix of words, technical drawings/diagrams/flyers/posters/ticket stubs etc as well as the obvious trains – but what tracks, destination etc are ubiquitous and championed in trains etc????

This guy is from Yorkshire btw so any helpwould be appreciated. Thanks for reading this.

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Help plan a special train trip

Help plan a special train trip
The North Platte Telegraph Local train enthusiasts have the chance to bring one of Union Pacific Railroad’s legendary steam locomotives to North Platte. People can vote online to have their town considered as a stop on Union Pacific’s Great Excursion Adventure.

Read more on North Platte Telegraph

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PC Keyboard help, tidle key?

the ~ key, when i try to use it in games for cheat codes to bring down a console (ie rime total war currently on steam) for some reason it just wont work. im using a US laptop with windows 7 i got in the uk and you have to us shift to make the ~ key work. seems like it should work, but it doesnt. nothing happens..

any ideas? thanks.

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How Can One Degree Help You Achieve Excellence In Your Home Business?

All to often you just need that one extra degree in order to achieve excellence in your home business. It is that one little degree that separates the good from the excellent.

How do you acquire that extra degree?

I watched a short video from Simple Truths it is called, 212, The Extra Degree. They say that once it is explained, everyone gets it, and once you get it, it is hard to forget! You can use this extra degree concept in your life to be successful or in your business to beat out your competition.

Here is The Extra Degree explained:

At 211 degrees – water is hot. At 212 degrees – it boils. And with boiling water, comes steam. And steam can power a locomotive. And, it is that one extra degree that… Makes all the difference.

Did you ever think that just one extra degree would make such a huge difference?

Everything you do in your business, do it with the extra degree. Say you like writing articles. Before you submit them to article directors, set them aside. After you have done all your searching on the subject you want to write on and the article is written, then set it aside for awhile, then pick it up and read it again. Do this about three times, every time you pick it up, you will most likely find mistakes, add or subtract content. By doing this, you will be going that extra degree in achieving excellence.

Maybe you like making videos. Once you film your video, watch it once and set it aside. Go back to it later and watch it again. Once you are sure it is exactly how you want it, then that is when you submit it to your videos sites and not until.

Go over things more than once, One More Degree!

No matter what it is you do to market for your home business, make sure you go over it more than once. It does not matter whether it is articles, press releases, videos, pay per click ads, flyers, post cards or even your business cards.

Continue to go that extra degree in all the advertising arsenal you use, just like the steam in a locomotive. When you do this you will not be just chugging along like the little red choo-choo, you will be going full steam ahead to success.

Make it a habit to commit to that extra degree.

Aristole wrote: We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. Make it a habit to commit to that extra degree and you will succeed in your home business an achieve excellence!

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Washing Machines – Get Help in Cleaning Your Clothes

A washing machine is an appliance that is specifically meant for cleaning the clothes. These machines are required to clean the laundry that includes outfits, bed sheets, linen, table covers, towels etc. In these machines water is used as the integral solution for cleaning along with the detergents. These high end appliances are quite helpful in keeping the clothes clean. Washing clothes is a regular activity in our homes. It takes a lot of time and effort to clean dirty clothes with hands. You need to use the brush and soaps etc to remove the stains of dirt and mud from the clothes. However, these advanced appliances help you complete this tiresome task with great ease. You just need to soak the clothes in the washing compartment of the machine and add detergent, set the timer and the machine washes your clothes with great efficiency.

These appliances are generally available in two designs- front loading and top loading. In the top loading machines, the clothes are placed in a vertical tub in which water is stored. It has agitators which propel water. The clothes are completely suspended in water and the basket rotates during the wash cycle for the specified time. The front loading machines are most popular in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe.

These machines have a simple structure in which the perforated basket is mounted to the water tub in a horizontal way. There is a glass door in front of the machine that is used to load the clothes into the machine. The clothes are agitated with the help of the back and forth motion of cylinders. There are paddles that lift up the clothes and then drop them. In this way the clothes are soaked and cleaned. Since there is lot of motion, enough foam is made in the machines to clean the clothes.

The modern consumer washing machines have advanced features like tumble wash, child lock, delayed execution, time elapsed & remaining time indication and steam wash etc. Apart from washing the clothes the modern machines also help in drying them. These machines have spin dry feature with which the clothes can be easily dried. Most machines have extremely efficient system for drying. The clothes are absolutely dried and can be worn just after ironing.

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Newburyport Mothers Club donates $5,000 to help rail trail

Newburyport Mothers Club donates $5,000 to help rail trail
NEWBURYPORT — Before the Clipper City Rail Trail was constructed, Newburyport mother Jessie Reardon and her children did their walks on High Street, watching out for cracks in the sidewalk and cars. Now, her 2 1 / 2 -year-old and 8-month-old love looking at the different structures along the rail trail — especially the metal fish sculptures.

Read more on The Daily News of Newburyport

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wet2straight help!!!!!!?

hey guys…

just wondering if this straightener is suitable for creating curls (like the ghd..)

since it has holes for the steam to come out of, would it scald your head/face as you twist your hair around it?


p.s. heres the link:

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