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Opening the Princess Coronation class ‘City of Manchester’ from Hornby

Taking an in-depth look at this exquisite example of the ex-streamliners from the 30s and 40s.

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Hornby NRM Flying Scotsman LNER 4472 Steam Locomotive Review

This is a review of the NRM (National Railway Museum) issued Hornby R2441 Premium model of the Class A3 LNER 4472 Flying Scotsman Steam Locomotive that was released in 2004. The model is very impressive as you get a lot of detail on the model plus some extra detailling parts to make the model even more impressive. This OO gauge model is loco-driven as opposed to the older Hornby Models that were tender driven and those were quite underpowered compared to the loco-driven steam engines. The model is DCC ready so those that use a DCC system on their layout can plug a 8 pin decoder into the model and away you go. I give this model of the railway landmark a perfect flawless 10/10. Overall Rating: 10/10

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History and development of Hornby model trains

Hornby are the UKs leading producers of and N gauge and 00 Gauge trains. Hornby have been producing model railway items since 1920 although it was 5 years until they produced their first electric train and not until 1938 just prior to the war that they created what is now the standard size train in the UK 00 gauge. During the war production ceased and but the development of Hornby trains as continued over the years with Locos and building becoming more and more detailed as production methods improved. Technology has also helped to add further realism to train sets with the introduction of Digital layouts which can program up to 99 trains for use with just one controller. All points and lights can be operated from one simple to operate system. Other features are lights can stay on even if the train is stationary, engine acceleration can be preset as to the deceleration, Speeds can be kept constant even when trains are climbing or descending in heights on multi levelled layouts, this helps keep trains running constant and on time. Even if this is not the case in the real world….

Further improvements to the 00 gauge trains are the introduction of Live steam trains that create real steam from the trains. The live steam tracks do have to be operated from a separate controller and can be expensive to purchase in the first place but buyers will not be disappointed with the extra effect of the smoke on your layout. Other recent advances are the Sound locos, these Hornby trains are available as steam and diesel. Although the trains are digitally fitted they can be operated on the old style analogue layouts, not all features of the sound will work, the general speeding up and slowing down of the train remains correct when in operation on a analogue track.

Taking up Hornby trains as a hobby may not be cheap but with well built products and a wide range if items available there is so much to keep you entertained for many years. This is the principal that Hornby has made its success. With train sets being passed down by generations. There is no reason why this process will not continue in the future.

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