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Trains on my HO scale layout 2/28/10

In this video, I will be running some trains on my HO layout. Enjoy! Music: Dont fear the reaper by Blue Oyster Colt

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Norfolk & Western HO Layout

This layout is designed for operations. First, it replicates coal movement from the local mines, to the centralized coal preparation plant and from the prep plant to the end user. Second, general freight traffic is classified in a separate yard to keep trains moving over the layout. Third, many switching areas (the largest is 3 feet by 26 feet) keep local crews busy for hours. Scale:HO Size: 26 x 36 feet Prototype: N&W Freelance Locale: West Virginia Era: 1950’s Layout style: Around the walls, multi-deck, point-to-point, walk-in Len of Mainline: Approx. 350 feet Layout Height: 36″ to 64″ Benchwork: Box Grid Road bed: Cork on 3/4″ plywood Trackwork: Flextrack Turnout Min: #6 mainline, #4 sidings Min Radius: 36″ mainline, 32″ sidings, 18″ industries/branchline Maximun Grade: 1.7% mainline, 2.5% branchline Scenery: None, still in construction phase Backdrop: Painted Masonite Controls: Digitrax Radio Control Wheelchair Accessible: No Layout is located in Atlanta GA. I was able to visit & operate on this layout during the Dixie Rail Convention held October 2010. Footage recorded by Jared Davis of Whistlepost Productions

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Huge O-scale 22’x51′ Model Railroad Layout with Americana theme presents . . . The ultimate family home entertainment center. Conceived to be a representation of classic Americana, spanning the United States from coast to coast, this layout has something for everyone! Super-detailed buildings loaded with interiors are everywhere to be seen. Machine shops, lumber yards, even the air traffic control tower are lavished with tiny yet intricate detail. Almost all of these are personalized with names, signage, and themes of family members and close friends. Set in magnificent scenery this three-dimension miniature world is truly alive. Stop by the ball park and watch the little leaguers play an inning. Old Hanks firing up the grill. Then cruise over to the Drive-in movie with real 13 screen that plays anything you like. Grab a subway and head into the city for a touch of the night-life, or if youre driving, stop by Dirty Harrys operating car wash to spruce up the old clunker. While youre waiting take the trolley and visit the downtown shops and eateries or go people-watching at the massive Grand Station. To further delight the kids this fascinating project also includes several classic Lionel operating accessories. With the push of a button, young entrepreneurs can become instant oil or mining tycoons, just like their grandparents did Grab a pencil make a list of family and friends you want to commemorate and well help you build your own empire! See more at

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Trains Running at My Friend’s OO Gauge Model Railway Layout 18/08/2011

This is a compiled video of various clips of trains running on my friend’s layout. He has recently purchased a East Midlands Trains Class 43 HST which is in my favourite livery. I brought along some trains to run on the layout as well which is my Heljan Class 58 in the BR (British Rail) Railfreight Livery seen working on the Orient Express as I brought along my VSOE Pullmans. Then I ran my Bachmann Pannier Steam Tank Engine which is 7788 on the Pullmans as well which the GWR Steam Engine looked quite at home with those plush carriages I think. My Hornby Class 60 in EW&S livery which is 60026 also worked on the VSOE Pullmans as well and to add a bit of fun to the mix. I stuck a Hornby MkIII DVT in ONE Anglia livery numbered as 82119 at the back of the Pullman cars to make a “Dreamliner” train. Come on, its rude not to ;). Then I run my new Hornby Class 153 in East Midlands Trains numbered 153374 that I reviewed in another video which matches BritishSteel60006’s HST on the layout nicely. Finally before bring this video to a close, I run my Bachmann Class 150/1 which is 150125 in the Central Trains “Centro” livery which looks nice on this model I think.

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HO Scale model train layout of Pacific Northwest and Logging Industry presents . . . This layout depicts the popular Steam to Diesel transition era of the late 1940s to 1950s. The theme is the Pacific Northwest from Washington State to Minnesota, showcasing the Fallen Flags of the Great Northern, Western Pacific, and Northern Pacific Railroads. From a large central Railroad yard and locomotive servicing facility overlooked by a lengthy urban scene, to distant travel over several rivers up into the rugged mountains, this layout is a visual treat! With numerous tunnels, a great logging scene, and a rural harbor that brings back memories of days gone by, this feature-laden display has a complex and exciting feel, yet provides easy and enjoyable operation for one or more. See more at

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My ‘N’ Gauge Layout. Part 1

A quick video of my ‘N’ Gauge layout which i have started to work on. In the Video i show some of my loco’s running. Only got a little more work to do with the track. Mosty in the middle of the layout. So i can add a nice station. (The one in the video is only a temp one) Any ideas or comments welcome Thank you.

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Choo Choo Barn Train Layout 1 May 2010 HD

Some video and stills of the 1700 square foot train layout at the Choo Choo Barn in Strasburg, Pennsylvania. If you’ve never been there and you live close enough, this may whet your appetite to see the layout in person. It is one of a number of railroad and model railroad related places in the area. I’ll post clips later showing a steam train in action (the Strasburg Railroad) and the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum. There aren’t that many HD clips on those subjects on YouTube yet.

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Florida Train Layout

A nostalgic walk down memory lane is the prevailing idea behind the creation of this compact but superbly detailed model railroad layout. Taking a cue from Lionel trains of the post war era, this layout features Super-O track throughout, the prized toy train track of its day. Although this is a three rail layout running both Lionel and MTH trains, that is where the toy train aspect of this project ends. Scenery and structures on this layout are of award winning contest quality without compromise. Full interiors, entertaining vignettes, personalized signage, custom lighting, and sound effects, abound on this miniature treasure. The adventure begins with a detailed homage to the Baites (Bates) Motel, where a nasty shadow lurks behind the shower curtain, and Mother rocks in her chair under the gloomy nightlight. Or if thats not your cup of tea, go two doors down to the CD bar and grill, where all the miners from the Yours Mine and Our Mining Company wash away the day. See the ski slope, the lil red school house, and the many charming industries, all guarded by the cop behind the billboard. Finally take a walk down Main Street where you can visit one of the many establishments, including the medical offices of Dr. Phil Goode, and Dr. Frank N. Stein. Countless jokes and themes of personal significance are everywhere on this project bringing a smile and a thrill to all those who are in the loop. See more at

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