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London to Brighton 2009 – Locomobile 1899

1899 Locomobile at the start of the 2009 London to Brighton veteran car rally. This one is still largely original – including the original 1899 boiler. The car is being driven by Steven Theobald. This year’s run was one of the wettest on record with high winds and torrential rain all the way to Brighton.

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THE ROYAL DUCHY: Penzance to London ( Station Exeter )

On the 3rd Of April me and my family decided to go to exeter via the train for a day trip. i have always wanted to see a steam train on the UK mainline. as we got of the train in exeter we noticed two amazing locomotive steam trains parked up across the platforms. so we just had to stay and watch this exsitment of seeing such an icon from the past. The steam hauled section of the Royal Dutchy was from Exeter St Davids to Penzance London Paddington-Penzance 30777+34067 44871+70013: Bristol Exeter-Penzance [D1015 Paddington-Bristol-Exeter also Penzance-Paddington]

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Southern Steam in London – Brixton, Clapham and Wandsworth Road in the 50s

Five minutes and twenty seconds of pure Southern joy in South London in the 1950s. A) Brixton in the 1950s 1) A Maunsell 4-4-0 (either an E1, D1 or L1 class) rounding the curve at Loughborough Junction. 2) A Maunsell ‘N’ Class 2-6-0 and an ex-LBSC E2 Class 0-6-0T run light towards Herne Hill. 3) An electric train with a Maunsell 4-LAV unit at the front. 5) An ex-LMS Fowler designed 2-6-2T with a single parcels van, having entered Southern metals via the ex-Metropolitan Railway ‘widened lines’ at Snow Hill. 6) A Bulleid BoB ‘Battle of Britain’ Class pacific. 7) Another ‘N’ Class mogul on a train of green Maunsell coaching stock. B) Clapham in the 1950s; originally called “Clapham and North Stockwell” this station on the South London Line was renamed Clapham High Street in 1989. 1) A Bulleid 4-SUB of the later all-steel variety. 2) A Maunsell ‘Q’ class 0-6-0 on an empty stock train consisting of 8 Maunsell coaches and a Bulleid at the rear. 3) A Bulleid BoB ‘Battle of Britain’ Class 4-6-2 on a Ramsgate service which includes a brace of Pullman cars 4) One of Maunsell’s ‘W’ Class 2-6-4T heavy tank engines on one of the cross-London freight services for which they were designed. 5) 4-SUB units pass to reveal another Maunsell ‘W’ on a lengthy cross-London freight service. 6) BR Standard Class 7MT ‘Britannia’ Class 4-6-2 No.70004 ‘William Shakespeare’ on The Golden Arrow. 7) A Maunsell ‘N’ Class 2-6-0 on a train consisting of a 3-car ex-SECR ‘Birdcage’ set, three BR Mk1s and

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Union Pacific 844 @ Jack London Square

It was worth it, seeing my favorite steam engine running through the Jack London. UP Police did good job that keep it safe and wiped out bad railfans. (I just could not believe that some of older railfans are really bad.) 4/22/09 The consist: UP FEF-3 4-8-4 844, UPP Aux. Water Tender 809 Jim Davis, RP20SD UPY 899, Step-Tool Car 9336, Tool Car 6334 Art Lockman, Power Dorm 209 Howard Fogg, Baggage 5714 Golden State Limited, Concession Car 5818 Sherman Hill, Coach 5480 Sunshine Special, Power Car 208, Sleeper 314 Columbia River, Dome Lounge 9005 Walter Dean, Diner 5011 City of Denver, and Business Car 103 Cheyene. Its the same consist as your shot in Richmond, with Executive Sleepers Lake Bluff 413 and Lake Forest 412, right behind the 103 Business Car Cheyenne thanks to David(DJ3751) for providing me the list.

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Darstaed O Gauge London Transport Pannier Tank Locomotive L89 with LMS Jinty 16554

O Gauge Darstaed London Transport Pannier Tank Locomotive L89 with LMS Jinty 16554 at Tinkers Hill

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Tangmere London Victoria

Tangmere leaving London Victoria 10:54 to Bristol Temple Meads 06/04/2009 with first leg of 8 day UK Steam rail tour

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On a sunny day in September 1995, I had the opportunity to film from the best place in the train. At 300 km / h on the HSL by SNCF, the Chunnel and the classic line in GB. The journey lasted for about 3 hours. For several years there is also a High Speed Line in GB and is this trip to London over before you know. (cameraman Railcap Hunter with Sony Traveller Hi 8 ) DOUBLE STEAM TRACTION…….;IN BELGIUM !!! LOW SPEED …..STEAM TRAIN… NORTH YORKSHIRE MOORS RAILWAY FOOTPLATE EXPERIENCE IN BELGIUM Par une journée ensoleillée en Septembre 1995, j’ai eu l’occasion de filmer à partir de la meilleure place dans le train. A 300 km / h sur la LGV par la SNCF, le tunnel sous la Manche et de la ligne classique en GB. Le voyage a duré environ 3 heures. Depuis plusieurs années, il ya également une Ligne à Grande Vitesse en GB et est-ce voyage à Londres au cours avant que vous connaissez. Op een zonnige septemberdag in 1995 , had ik de mogelijkheid om vanuit de beste plaats in de trein te filmen . Tegen 300 Km/h op de HSL van SNCF , de Chunnel en de klassieke lijn in GB . Deze rit duurde toen ongeveer drie uur . Sinds enkele jaren is ook in GB een High Speed Line en is deze trip naar Londen zo voorbij !! ( cameraman Railcap Hunter with Sony Traveller Hi 8 )

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Southern Steam: Steam Days at London Waterloo

A few archive clips from Waterloo station in Southern Railway days, c1938. ‘Lord Nelson’ LN Class No.861 arrives as ex-London & South Western Railway M7 Class 0-4-4T No.40 waits for the right of way. Ex-L&SWR ‘Greyhound’ T9 Class 4-4-0 No.705. ‘Schools’ V Class 4-4-0 No.932 ‘Blundells’ with her unique self trimming tender. An M7 0-4-4T on pilot duty. ‘King Arthur’ N15 Class 4-6-0 No.788 ‘Sir Ure of the Mount’

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