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Luxlady 32GB USB Flash Drive 2.0 Memory Stick Credit Card Size Vintage puffing through countryside during wintertime IMAGE 19316337

  • Compatible with Windows XP/7/8, Vista, Mac OS X and Linux, or later
  • Use A-class chip, PC Plastic Frame
  • NO Fading! HIGH RESOLUTION and extraordinary image Quality
  • MADE IN USA. Designed, Printed and Shipped from California Facility.
  • Looking for more design in the field? Please search “Luxlady USB Flash Drive” for more special and unique design.

Product Description
This extremely attractive USB 2.0 flash drive can be put into your wallet just like a credit card which is the ideal addition for any business professionals. It is made of anti-dust, finger print resistant, shock absorbant material. The surface can be wiped clean with water without any discoloration. Easy to use. Hand made, ship from California. Graphic designed in USA. Ship within 1~2 business days. Due to monitor and/or video card differences, subtle variations in… More >>

Luxlady 32GB USB Flash Drive 2.0 Memory Stick Credit Card Size Vintage puffing through countryside during wintertime IMAGE 19316337

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Gear New Bath Rug Mat No Slip Microfiber Memory Foam, Vintage Steam Train, 24×17

  • SOFT AND COMFORTABLE microfiber is excellent at absorbing water and drying quickly. This rectangle shaped mat/rug has rounded corners and it made with a short cut pile that is similar to the fibers of carpet after it is vaccuumed. This unique texture means that the colors can look slightly lighter or darker depending on how the fibers lay.
  • MULTIPLE USES make this incredibly versatile, while people primarily use it in the bathroom as a mat or rug outside the shower or bathtub, others use it at the foot of the toilet or as a mat for standing at the sink. Customers use it in the kitchen as a standing mat and it is also used as a door mat by many. An even more popular recent use is for pets both as a mat for laying and as a liner for pet crates. Bottom line there are numerous uses for this soft and comfortable microfiber mat.
  • NON SKID BACKING helps keep the bath mat securely in place, the unique backing makes it work on floors of all types from hardwood to tiles of all kinds. This mat is 24 inches wide by 17 inches long and is also available in other sizes. The plush microfiber memory foam sits about 3/4 of an inch tall off the floor and is incredibly comfortable to stand on.
  • SUPPORT ARTISTS! This unique bath mat from Gear New features artwork from an independent artist and is made on demand once you order it. The sale is shared with the artist.
  • Search on Amazon for GN6031324 to find more products with this design/pattern

Product Description
This Gear New bath mat is a soft and comfortable mat for that will beautify bathrooms and kitchens and other spaces in your home.It is measures 24 inches by 1 inches with a plush height of about ¾ tall from your floor. It is constructed with a memory foam internal structure and short pile microfiber outer cover that are 100% polyester to water resistance and easy care and cleaning.It has a unique non-skid backing made of hundreds of tiny pellets that gently grip th… More >>

Gear New Bath Rug Mat No Slip Microfiber Memory Foam, Vintage Steam Train, 24×17

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Bel-Del: In Memory Of…

VIDEO TAKEN AUGUST 28TH, 2007. On this day, we follow the NYS&W #142 along the Pennsy’s former branchline to Trenton, NJ. This video is dedicated to the late Walter G. Rich, who fell victim to cancer in July of 2007. He is one of the reason the #142 is here in America and is still running to this day. He will be missed dearly.

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Worried About Memory Loss? Working Later In Life And Keeping Active Such As With Steam Mopping Could Help Halt Alzheimer’s

Poor economic conditions are making people work longer in life but there may be advantages.
A recent study from the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London found that men who continue working later in life helped keep their brains’ sharp. What’s interesting is that the scientists now believe that this retirement delay is having a reduction on the number of people developing dementia and in particular Alzheimer’s.

In the UK, around 700,000 people currently have dementia, the most common of which is Alzheimer. Symptoms include loss of memory, confusion and problems with speech and understanding. Relatives of sufferers speak about a disease that robs them of the person they love for whom they are unable to grieve.

Of course age and medical factors do play a part so there’s no guarantee
that you or your relatives won’t develop dementia. A good lifestyle, however, is key to keeping the brain healthy and memory sharp.

Consider the following:

Get active
Watch your blood pressure and cholesterol
Cut down on salt
Eat healthily
Keep a healthy weight.

For those retiring there are still ways of making sure the brain is kept mentally stimulated including voluntary work. Voluntary work is a great way to keep up communication skills. In fact just chatting to people helps the neurons work. Intellect work could even be in the form of producing accounts or writing press releases for a charity.

Physical activities are also important and little tasks such as ,steam mopping, the kitchen floor can help keep one active. Some may consider,steam mopping, a local church or charity shop, regularly. Any type of voluntary activity is rewarding.

The key to life is to keep both mentally and physically active especially during retirement years. The new evidence from King’s College London suggests that a healthy lifestyle really can help delay cruel diseases like Alzheimer’s. Even small tasks such as ,steam mopping, can play a role.

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Memory filled Toy model trains

Toy Model Trains 
As Thomas the Train enlightened every boy’s fantasy and graced the feelings of individuals who have been awed by those fantastic machinery, trains provided an incredible addiction to many.  Watching are the small boys the talking trains from their living quarters and do not understand what it is that makes them so awesome.  But as boys grow into men they realize what it is to captured them once they were boys and stayed with them into their later life; control in excess of a powerful machinery.  
What is it with the purpose of drives men to amuse yourself with “toys”?  It might be that they are enthralled by the idea of controlling something so awesome even though it is 1/87 of its size.  Maybe it is the puzzle of how trains come off; the electricity running through the lines to get on to it run.  Perhaps it is for the reason that trains are so systematic; simply able to run on its track.  Or else maybe it is the good memories of considering the train whistling around the Christmas tree each year that makes us aspire to relive it through our “toy” trains.  But the word toy is not accurate anymorewhen chatting in relation to model trains.  These toys have grown-up up into machines and are equipped to play with the big boys.  
Toy trains are more often than not the plastic ones that you discover on sale while you are Christmas shopping.  They are low quality and priced in the role of a splendid way to introduce kids to the hobby.  Once boys grow up they are called men.  And when toy trains grow up, they are dubbed locomotives.  Locomotives are made to continue.  They are top quality and many lack the “push it a little to move it to move” element like poorer quality trains bear.  Their wheels are made to promote to greater link with the track in order to acquire a better connection to the electricity which force help to get it going.  They are the things that meet model railroaders smile.  Plus, locomotives carry out stronger engines.  A stronger engine means greater pulling strength.  A quality locomotive is moreover made out of metal instead then plastic like toy trains.  The significance of the train has a generous effect on how well it works.  The heavier the train, the better it will promote to contact with the track and therefore, a better running train.    
And if electricity wasn’t useful adequate, the awesome manufacturers of the model train industry provided steam engines for the small boys inside adult men.  Of course near are a lot of another value trains on the marketplace that provided steam but, there is nothing better then enjoying these trains with lifelike steam satisfying their scenery.   
Very a small amount of boys get to grow up to be able to essentially drive a train.  I’m confident that a lot of train drivers look at the production they do as a piece of work considerably then a a small amount boy’s life long ambition.  But, we don’t bear to all grow up to be train operators to complete our dreams.  We can ilavish ourselves in the craft that so alot of us love; model trains.

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