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Episode 1: Power When Most Needed

Here it is, the long awaited first episode of the “San Juan Branch Line Trainz Series”! (Or “San Juan Trainz” for short) In this episode, Craig (CN 3254) has begun to feel annoyed that Frank (Frisco 1522) takes so long to get up to speed, especially because he himself can speed up so quickly. But an equipment failure causes him to think otherwise. Credits: Craig- trainmaster844 Dan- joneau261 Frank- Amtrakf40 Engineer- joneau261 Trainmaster- joneau261 Ben- greenmachines777 Enjoy!

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What material is needed to build a heat/steam engine?

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Training Help Needed for my puppy?

My Toy Fox Terrier Scooby is 6 months and the problem is he was doing well with his potty training at one point and I think this is beacuse we CARRIED him out the door..and this is before he knew how to walk down my hardwood steps without slipping because he could not get his traction. Now he is a pro at the steps..we have two sets of steps in my home and he is triained to use the steps that goes to the back of the house leading to the dining room where he goes out to potty..BUT he won’t go down and let us know so we automatically take him out after he eats and drinks..has anyone tried that doorbell that you can install anywhere and some people train their dogs to press it to get out? It makes a barking noise..I was thinking I should install the button downstairs near the door and the speaker upstairs..because my house is so big we may not even know if he just goes to sit at the door so I am thinking this would be good to sit the speaker upstairs in the family theater room where everyone is most of the time..please give me some suggetions..we had a bell on the door but we can’t hear it in certain parts of the house..or I thought about a baby monitor to see when he is at the door..but how can I get him to actually go to the door by himself? HELP ME..he sometimes just goes in the downstairs living room near the dining room and we never know because he darts down and comes back up..I AM TIRED OF STEAM CLEANING EVERY DAY..PLEASE HELP ME FIX THIS!!

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What materials are needed to make steam train?

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