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Fairy Queen – World Oldest Running Steam Engine

The Fairy Queen as seen during the parade of steam engines on 02-February-2007. ==== About the Fairy Queen ==== A Guinness World Record holder, this engine is the pride of the Indian Railways. It is the world’s oldest locomotive in working condition. Built in 1855 by Kitson Thompson and Hewitson of Leeds, UK this engine has once again been pressed into service on popular demand since 27-Sep-1997 and has been periodically hauling tourist trains between Delhi and Alwar. This engine was the first exhibit to be brought to the National Rail Museum in New Delhi, at the time of the laying of its foundation stone in 1971. This locomotive is said to have hauled troop trains to Raniganj during the 1857 War of Independence. The engine weighs 26 tonnes, has a gauge of 5′ 6″, coal capacity of 2 tonnes(app.), wheel arrangement with 2-2-2 T WT and Stephenson valve gear.

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What is the Oldest Train ever Steam Engine or Coal Name it!?

Trains go way back i want to see if you know the oldest train and the name and were it was at !and if that train still in operation today!Thanks nice answers please!
steam engines are fuel with water dah

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