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steam engine passing faulcon bridge station towards katoomba

Truckie kept blowing horn (not on film) Was hoping he would honk again

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Huckleberry Railroad Christmas Steam Train Passing Through Genesee, MI

The Huckleberry Railroad old antique steam train passes the railroad crossing at the corner of Stanley and Genesee Roads in Genesee, MI. Sorry for the long intro; I saw the locomotive’s headlight coming towards me just as I was driving into town from the opposite direction, and I thought the train was getting close, so I immediately started taping just as I got out of my truck. I guess it wasn’t as close as I expected it to be. The train approaches the town and the engineer blows the whistle at 1:57, and the warning devices activate at around 2:00. I also apologize for the shaking towards the end. This video was taken with my new Canon PowerShot SX120 IS.

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“King George V” steam train passing Saunderton

GWR “King George V” steam train excursion passing Bradenham and Saunderton, Bucks, UK, on the Chiltern Line. 30 December 2004

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Spiritually speaking: do you miss the smell of a passing steam train?

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steam train passing 11

Eastleigh evening, 20 August 2009. 34067 Tangmere is due with a returning Sunny South Express but first it’s a Class 66, a 67 towing a yellow 58 and the usual units. When Tangmere arrives she’s slowing for a red up ahead and lays a smoke screen across the station.

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