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Any information about Todmorden station, or photos of steam trains at the station?

I am looking for items to add to the Todmorden Station Partnership website, any relevant facts about the station or its history will be appreciated. This is a group of volunteers and none profit making.
the site is
you can look if you want to get an idea of what I am looking for.
thanks I was meaning the railway station,
but a bit bit about the fire station may be an interesting addition

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I am looking 4 photos or information about a Baxter Colt 2hp steam Engine, rebuilding & want to be original?

I am trying to find anyone with photos or information about a Baxter Colt 2hp steam Engine. I am rebuilding one and want to make it complete and original as possible. If you know anyone or know of a site I could post a question it would be Very appreciated.
Thank you for any help you may be able to give me,

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Steam Train Sounds & Photos 40’s & 50’s

CD & DVD available at Harold Spicer was an award-winning photographer for the Baltimore News Post from 1939 to 1972. In the 40’s and 50’s, he enjoyed photographing and recording steam locomotives. The CD and DVD showcase his work, preserving forever the sights and sounds of the B&O, NYC, PRR and WM. Visit us for more details and see Harold Spicer’s photo gallery of steam locomotives. ©2008 Spicer Pro, LLC

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All The Secrets About Digital Steam Train Photos

True photographers and collectors will definitely know what the value of a digital steam train photo collection really is. Steam trains are part of the history of mankind, as our civilization wouldn’t have gone this far without the discovery of the steam engine. But how many of us have got the chance to really see a true steam train? Too few actually. Now, I think it is a little clearer why digital steam train photos are highly appreciated by collectors, since they are a little more difficult to get than normal pictures. A digital camera may be within reach, but a steam train is not.

The earliest steam trains go back to the Industrial Revolution that changed the face of mankind for ever. Now the steam trains and engines are on display in special museums, or they are sleeping at the back of long forgotten deposit places. Digital steam train photos collections come from those of you who are determined enough to look back at history and record it with the help of modern technology. The great part about such digital photos is that the zoom in option allows you to get the very precise technical details of a steam train.

Many of the photos in the collections some people have, come from digital steam train photo albums that were downloaded from the Internet. However, for some passionate collectors that are interested in both steam trains and photography, there is an immense satisfaction to actually get to take detailed pictures of a classical steam engine. Some of the digital steam train photos may be so vivid you can almost imagine the wheel screeching. The advantage of using a good digital camera, with advanced features is that you will get a truly atmospheric classic image.

Even if you’re in motion when you take a picture, it should not affect the quality of the digital photos, since technology has already learned how to avoid blurring. There are thousands of digital steam train photos online, some technical, some artistic, your choice. Yet, mention should be made that there are sites providing more special photos, for which you’ll have to pay if you want to get the train photos for the collection. There are people who have even made a business out of selling digital steam train photos to industry and shops. Who knows? You may be one of them.

Learn more about digital photo software by visiting our free site. You can also learn about online digital photo developement

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Which of the following scenes do you like in photos?

1. lookouts showing cliff faces
2. vintage steam trains
3. old historic houses and other historic structures
4. rurul sunsets
5. rolling hills in the country
6. looking up trees or buildings
7. parked choppers( cruiser motorcycles)
8. historic fighter jets (MIG15s)
9. the full moon at night
10. panorama of high quality gardens
11. old arms(guns etc)
12. zoo animals
13. inside caves

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