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Leo Kottke – Last Steam Engine Train (Live, Frets Magazine Poll Winners TNN 1988).wmv

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Internet poll won’t name new GO station

Internet poll won’t name new GO station
Naming Barrie’s second GO Transit station won’t be railroaded by an Internet poll. City councillors decided Monday not to use a web-based survey to name the station, to be located on the Allandale lands, but instead delay a decision until March and ask for public input in the meantime.[…]

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Potato Tops Poll To Be UK’S National Vegetable

The humble spud has been voted the veg the UK would most like to be the national emblem of England, beating Wimbledon favourite Strawberries and Brussels sprouts to the title. This data comes from a new survey commissioned by AXA PPP healthcare’s Nutrition and Fitness website axappphealthcare.

Published as the EU prepares to lift its ban on the sale of ‘misshapen’ produce such as straight bananas on July 1st, the independent research of over 3,000 people explores consumer preferences for fruit and vegetables, their purchasing criteria and knowledge of provenance. The survey also reveals that whilst size doesn’t matter the nation is still vain about its veg.

Poor knowledge of fruit and veg roots

The survey revealed real lack of knowledge when it came to picking the fruit and vegetables from our shores.

? A quarter of people believed the tuber it to be a native to the UK

? 2% said Asparagus as was indigenous to the British Isles

? Nearly three quarters of under eighteens were unable to identify an image of UK grown gooseberries

? Peanuts and pineapples proved the most puzzling with 74% and 88% admitting they didn’t know how they grew, citing ‘in water’ and ‘on trees’ instead of underground (peanuts) and on bushes (pineapples).

? 72% of people were also unaware that imported apples can be a year old from tree to supermarket trolley despite UK grown harvest producing enough to make us self sufficient

Getting your 5-a-day

Top nutritionist and AXA PPP healthcare’s Nutrition and Fitness expert Sarah Schenker comments:

“One of the most important things people can for their health is to achieve their 5-a-day. So while its good news that people opt for fresh fruit and vegetables they should be aware that there is no nutritional difference when it comes to shape and size, in reality straight bananas and curly cucumbers and the like are just as nutritious. The return of odd shaped fruit and veg to our shelves could mean a reduction in prices which is great news for households trying to stick to a healthy diet while watching what they spend”.

AXA PPP healthcare nutritionist Sarah Schenker’s top tips on buying, storing and preparing fruit and vegetables:

“There is nothing tastier than fresh produce,” says nutritionist Sarah Schenker. “Learning to cook with fresh ingredients will help ensure that you enjoy healthy and tasty meals.”

Whether you’re buying produce from a grocery store or from a local farmers’ market, here are some tips from Sarah on what to look for when buying fresh fruit and vegetables:

? Choose fruit and vegetables that look and smell fresh. Look for produce that is not bruised or damaged ? over-handling produce can cause damage and spoilage.

? There is very little nutritional difference between organically grown and conventionally grown produce, so don’t feel pressurised to always buy organic because you think it is healthier. By all means choose organic for taste and flavour where your budget permits, but remember: whichever you buy, always wash well and peel when appropriate.

? When preparing vegetables such as carrots and potatoes, use a vegetable peeler or scrap lightly with a knife to reduce wastage. This also minimises the nutrient losses, as nutrient content is often more concentrated just beneath the skin.

? When cooking vegetables, try steaming lightly or microwaving in just a little water, as this will help reduce some nutrient losses. The nutrients most affected are vitamin C and folate: the longer you boil vegetables such as broccoli or cabbage, the more of these vitamins will be leached out into the water. These vitamins are also destroyed by heat, so it is best to cook vegetables quickly and allow them to retain some of their crunch.

? Vegetables don’t always have to be eaten raw to be healthy. Take carrots and tomatoes, for example: cooking them well releases antioxidant substances called carotenoids, which then allows them to be more easily absorbed by the body. So if you spot a bargain on a bag full of mis-shaped carrots, you can turn them into a very nutritious soup!

? Refrigeration keeps most fruit and vegetables from ripening. If you purchase unripe fruit or veg, place the fruit in a paper bag and close tightly. For certain vegetables and fruit, such as avocados, it is best to just lay them in a fruit bowl until they are ripe.

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