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How to prepare for a new cat? What to clean…throw away?

My wife and I are preparing for the worst, putting our current cat to sleep. She’s facing chronic renal failure, arthritis, and some other issues – after meeting with the Vet they confirmed they can make her somewhat comfortable…but never “whole.”

She’s our baby and we love her, but nothing lasts forever and we don’t want her last few months to be in pain.

…so lets skip forward. We’re going to get another cat (probably adopt) around Christmas time – this will give us our time to grieve, and clean up for a new critter. Before our cat got this bad, she would miss the littler box every so often – I’ve already decided we need to replace the pad/carpet and clean the concrete below. Living in an apartment that could be tricky, but I’ll figure that part out.

Aside from that all I can think of is throwing away old toys, the old litter box and steam cleaning the rest of the carpet.

Anything else I can do to make our home prepared for a new Cat? I know cat’s can be sensitive about territory that is new – so am I forgetting anything else I should do?

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