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Up3985 12Feb04-North Platte Neb (Pulling off siding)Steamy

Maximum steam at 5 below The worlds largest operating steam locomotive prepares for a days journey back home to Cheyenne, WY after a visit to the Super Bowl

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sweet william pulling a load

to everyone that says a sweet william cant pull a skin of a custard she pulled all this 101/4 stock and the other steam engine that wasnt being used to pull

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Strasburg Steam Train Pulling In To The Station 6-12-11

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Mazda 323f BA 1.5 GLX (1994), slow pulling away, help?

Hi I’m based in UK, just bought this car from a garage, 1 lady owner from new with FSH, test drove and was happy, deal done. Its a 323f 1.5 Glx, 5 door fastback, 1994, manual gearbox, 75k miles.

I know its only a 1.5 so its not a performance car, but driving it recently it seems to get caned off the lights by just about everything, especially in first gear. I’m a little worried…once under steam it goes well enough, especially between 2500-4000 rpm.

I always let it warm up for at least 10 mins before taking it above 2500, but sometimes you wanna give it a bit of stick.

When I saw the car the exhaust was blowing, so for MOT the garage replaced the exhaust for me, but its a “generic” looking thing and I’m wondering if this could be strangling the performance a bit? I mean its not an official Mada product, could this be the issue? Or is it just a heavy car for the size of the engine? I’ve got Nissan Micras in front of me pulling away with no fuss, and I have to take it to 4000 rpm just to keep up! At which point the car is making a lot of engine noise, rather than exhaust noise.

The previous lady owner had FSh with the car, and receipts for clutch, fuel filter, spark plugs, clutch assembly, air filter, all within last 10-20k miles.

Also how reliable are these cars in general? If I maintain it, will driving it with a few revs damage it? The redline is 7000rpm on the gauge, I usually change at 5000 max cos I dont want to blow the gearbox/engine/my bank balance. I use it for deliveries on country roads every day, so I need to look after it as my workhorse as well as some fun.

Please help…and any forums where I can get into conversations in a bit more depth.

Looking at the car front on makes me tingle, what a beautiful looking thing with the bonnet contour lines! Cheers
The idle is roughly 750 revs

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What type of steam engine is better at pulling heavy loads?

I’m building a steam buggy(small steam car) in the near future, one that I can sit down on and drive. I want to know what engine I should use. I’m focused mainly on horsepower, and keeping it under 600 pounds. As far as the speed goes, probably around 20-45 mph. I’ve been looking at oscillating cylinders for the most part. It’s pretty easy to build and I can add a second piston no problem. But I don’t know if that would have very good horsepower.

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