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A few questions about hair relaxing..?

My hair’s been relaxed since I was about 13 (so about 6 years) and I’m getting a bit concerned about the fact that it breaks so often (even though I try to keep it moisturised, I use Motions if that helps..?). I’m thinking about ceasing the relaxation, but:

1. Is there anything I can do to take care of my hair while still continuing with my relaxing/steaming process?
2. If I decide to stop relaxing, what can I do to promote natural growth and how to deal with the relaxed ends of my hair?
3. Can you recommend any products (available in the UK anyway) that can help?
4. Can you suggest any websites that offer advice on natural afro and relaxed hair and/or websites that show pictures of really good hairstyles for both relaxed and natural hair?

Sorry for the long details, and you don’t need to answer every question if you can’t; any help will be appreciated. 🙂

3 comments - What do you think?  Posted by - July 14, 2011 at 10:42 pm

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Industrial Machine Questions & Answers

Industrial Machine Questions & Answers

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Home Page > Technology > Electronics > Industrial Machine Questions & Answers

Industrial Machine Questions & Answers

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Posted: Dec 21, 2009 |Comments: 0
| Views: 244 |


Industrial Wood Mulching machines sale?
Wood Chipping & Mulching machine suppliers sounds good stuff to me. type it into google! Source(s): Find a local wholesaler, I have a business loan, equipment leasing, and credit card processing business and anytime I entail equipment a quick Internet search list numerous wholesalers

Is an IBM (industrial business machine) a obedient laptop and duz it hav swiftly internet?
My friend, the speed of the internet connection has zilch to do with your computer model. Whether it is a good laptop depends on your requirement and the exact model you’re looking at.. And IBM is International Business Machines, not industrial.. 😉 yep. it’s an…

Is here a zig zag attachment that can be used on an weak Singer 95-1 industrial apparatus?
Machine does straight stitch only. Looking for a zig zag attachment so I can do sail construction. type surrounded by browser the name of the sewing machine/the year. it should pull something up for you. well brought-up luck No

Is near a a means of access to lower the speed on a Brother DB2-B735-3 industrial sewing electrical device?
I’m finding the speed of this machine far to high for me. It didn’t come next to an instruction booklet as it was bought second hand.It doesn’t hold any speed settings but wonder if there’s a way to slow it slightly….

Is the nippy prototype piece of equipment going to replace INDUSTRIAL DESIGNERS?
I am interested being an industrial designer, but I read something about the swift prototyping machine is going to a bad piece for industrial designers. (wikipedia) Also does anybody know if the salary is good for an ID, or if it is really not easy to get a…

My industrial sewing piece of equipment occasionally spits out contraption grease… how can I sort this?
Spits out oil from where? That’s the first cross-examine you need to answer to figure out what’s going on. Is the grease reservoir level correct? I think the best perception is to just buy a new one. Buy a polite quality machine

Need informaton resting on the rank fresh industrial pasta machines, best competence equipment for a flawless price.?
Do not know much about the bussiness, but this big city where I live requests it.Thinking of suppling high end restaurants and have gourmet store in nice portion of town. Go to but, the best is the attachment that fits on their…

Need opinions/ reviews of industrial strength upholstery cleaning machines.?
Looking for a semi-industrial cleaning machine with an prominence on upholstery cleaning. No more than 14″ base, large container, and EXCELLENT upholstery brush. Would be great heated with a quick-dry feature. Any concept? Powerflite has good models, along next to clean freak. Upholstery tools are pretty common and come next to…

Pleated ribbon ? what industrial contraption does the work?
I need a machine or a foot for pfaff industrials sewing contraption 9020 to make pleat son satin ribbons or maybe i hold to buy a machine if you know one You can do them yourself, it’s not that hard. You don’t obligation a machine to do the work for you….

So what industrial contraption be used?
to get the lid of the biscuit tin…….. Its still missing it was Desmonds Credit Card lol The signing of a good player is all it take bluerinse, pity there’s not many about but offer Lawwell his due he’s just got Celtic another Fortune….. the man must enjoy the midas touch. it’s well seen…

Used – ripened – Industrial Machine?
I’m looking for an old potato chips machine, or a untried one if its not too expensive. I don’t know where to look. so if anyone has a website plz facilitate. p.s I want to make potato chips like the ones within the markets. Do a google search for … used machinery dealer You…

Value of antique singer industrial sewing electrical device?
We have acquired an antique singer industrial sewing contraption. Model number 55, manufactured in Elizabeth NJ on 6/29/1920. What would the value be? Sewing machines have changed tremendously little since they were invented..if it still works, sell it as a working sewing gadget…if it does not work, it may have no value….

Were machines run by gasoline befor the industrial revolution ?
Fossil Fuels, coal etc No. There be some devices which one could call “machines” which ran using human or animal power, some used river power- like mills used to grind grain into flour, and a few really concealed ones which used steam power, but none ran off gas. Gasoline wasn’t…

What are industrial size surface planing machines call?
I would imagine that timber yards etc own large versions of portable surface planing machines, but what are they call? I have done a web look into but nothing comes up that looks anything like what I’m looking for. Industrial surface planers or commercial surface planers. Try looking for Thicknessers. Are you…

What be some of the pros of machines after the industrial revolution?
help! Goods could be made cheaper and so were more accessible to family. 1. Greater productivity. More goods for more citizens cheaper. 2. Bootstrapping. Machines to make more machines to do different things. 3. Portability. Steam engines could be moved (or built) pretty much wherever power be needed….

What be the 1970’s music video near industrial machines ?
In the 1970’s the first music video I remember had painting machines and other types of dress making equipment and they be operating to music. Does anyone know what that was? Or is there a copy of it on yahoo video or youtube? I estimate its gotta be Herbie Hancock’s…

What be the first textile machines of the Industrial Revolution?
Directly from Wikipedia: “In 1733 in Bury, Lancashire, John Kay invented the flying shuttle — one of the first of a series of inventions associated with the cotton industry. The flying shuttle increased the length of cotton cloth and speed of production of a single weaver at a loom.” “In…

What books should i read to revise how to provide industrial machines?
i work for a technical company and i have environment in PR, but now i call for to learn how to do marketing for the industry, selling CNC-machines. i really don’t know where to start my research. i enjoy no idea what a potential buyer would be interested…

What compassionate of thread do you use for an industrial sewing piece of equipment?
The recommended type of thread for what you are sewing. I own worked industrial sewing…I have used both cotton threads and a cotton/poly mix. It depended on what garment I was sewing as to what be dictated by the customer. Depends on the machine being used…

What industrial machines (automations) where on earth invented surrounded by 1870-1920 time time of year?
Excluding metal grinder and shoe lasting machine. Alexander Lyman Holley perfect nascent automated steelmaking processes in the 1870s. Henry Ford perfected automation of the automobile industry from the mid-1890s to the 1920s and beyond. Alexander Winton perfect automation of auto, bicycle, and diesel engine manufacturing…

What is the best industrial Sewing Machine for sea cloth?
A peak at the machine I adjectives from my Grandmother Sewing. Gram’s Model A Singer Sewing Machine. My Grandmother was one of those people who could sew anything About Inc. A part of the pack of The New York Times Company English Part Spanish sizing system for sewing machine are…

What is the purpose of DB x 1 within the nomenclature of industrial sewing electrical device syringe?
Industrial sewing machine needles are categorized as DB x 1, DC x 27 etc. what is the meaning of DB contained by that? 1 in that? or DC in that? 27 contained by that? what type of needle size system is that? Does…

What machines help us become a industrial society?
The Jenny (1768), the water frame (1769), the boring mill (1775), the mule (1779), the seed drill (1782), cotton printing machinery (1786), iron puddling (1784), the first adjectives threshing machine (1786), and the improved lathe (1794),” (70) and Steam engine taken from Author: Hartwell The finishing is probably the most important The…

What sewing gadget would be best sewing industrial velcro onto textile?
I do it with my regular machine. But don’t use sticky stuff velcro, it will gum up your needle and it won’t go through. . Most any machine in appropriate condition will work if you use the correct needles and thread. Ask the sales person for aid picking out…

What technolgy or apparatus used to verbs glutinous spiral blade for screw conveyor of industrial use T.A.siddiqui?
if there is any machine to verbs spiral blade for screw conveyor please send me picture or photo Yes there are some machines,but how can we convey pictures,better google it.

What type of machines required for gap an industrial workshop ? ?
what do you wanna trade name?! Lathe, milling machine, grinder etc… depends what you’re going to variety.Why open a workshop if you don’t know what to do with it? Its depend upon what you are going to make. If you have an notion of setting up an industrial…

What type of soap to use for an industrial wash tool?
I just called up my conservatory and they said that the washing machines they have are INDUSTRIAL WASHING MACHINES. I needed to know if I use regular detergent for them or high efficiency detergent? I’m betting regular wash detergent will be fine. If you want to use HE, fine,…

What types of machines be operate by children during the industrial revolution?
I’m writing a “journal” of a day in the natural life of an eight year old who works at some type of factory. I have certainly no idea what kind of machines they used. but i’m making someone contained by the story get their hair caught surrounded by…

What’s better? New domestic sewing apparatus or dated industrial?
Looking to make a dress part time as a hobby type item. What would be better for me? An old industrial sewing machine or a brand new one (aimed at domestic purposes) out of the box? HMMMM For me I would take an old industrial. But consequently I have close to…

What’s the difference b/w an industrial merrow, hemmer, & overlock electrical device?
Merrow is a brand name often used for any industrial overlocker — much approaching Kleenex is used for any facial tissue and Xerox for any photocopy. Hemmers come in several flavors, including overcasting, blind hemming, rolled hemming, etc. Overlocker is used for what home sewing in the US…

More Industrial Machine questions please visit :

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Why should we hire you interview question and answer ?
Where i get the machine for agarbhati production? and cost of the machine,and what the goverment facility to start small scale industries?
Why should we hire you questions and answers ?

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Industrial Machine FAQ

How to fix industrial sewing appliance?
it would be cheaper to just buy a unmarked one I was looking for a track to fix something and found a site that I believe is called HOW to fix darn near I merely used the search on google. you could also find the name of the company and try to find…


Dec 10, 2009
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Industrial Machines

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Industrial Machine Q&A

I would resembling to start up a buisness repairing industrial sewing machines contained by New Zealand?
Do you think there is any have need of for this? Or are there too many other qualified sewing contraption mechanics there already? Well Rachel I really don’t know about how much constraint there is for such a business , about adjectives I can…


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Industrial Machine Supply

In this period of common crisis of the monetary marketplace, there’s been essential alterations in terms of demand and supply, costs of recycleables. with regard to examples the cost of metal may be increasing day after day, leading to some irritating problems to those companies that don’t’ possess a big spending budget to invest to buy new machineries, particularly small and moderate businesses. Based on an investigation, it had been found out that several are the causes of the actual…

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Modern Era Molding Machines and Industrial Machines

Molding is the process of manufacturing shaping pliable raw material by using a rigid frame or model called a mold. The manufacturer who makes the mold is called moldmaker. Mold maker use different kinds of machine in molding process.

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The Italian industrial machine

The Italian industry, one of the top components of international leadership, builds tool machines, robot and automation and it is characterized by some distinctive elements that make it a completely original entity in the world panorama.


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Discoverable Kindle Wireless Reading Device

This device is a must-have for those book-lovers who are also regular travellers. It’s not a hassle thing to take with you wherever you go since it’s naturally designed smaller, lighter, and thicker than the older models.

Ben Davel

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Radio Remote Control, an Updated Technological Miracle

Radio remote control is a simple wireless system which is used to control various electronic and mechanical devices using radio signals. Radio remote control system can be applied in different fields including mechanical, industrial and other areas which grow up depending on technology.


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Energy Management Systems for the home

Installing automated lighting control is more than just a dimmer switch attached on a living room wall. There are so many benefits that good lighting can do than just make you look good. For one thing, it sets the mood for situations and events.

Miguel Basel

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Making the Home Theater

Anyone can make their little movie room at home, all it needs is a flat screen television, a sofa and some snacks and everyone is content.

Miguel Basel

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High quality fast-fold projector screens

A projector screen with easy portability and as a source of presentation is liked by all and the fast fold projector screen serves it the best. The metal tube in the fast fold projector screen that helps to hold the fabric screens and so, they do not need any tripod screen.


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Using a dental scaler

A dental scaler is a device that removes unpleasant stains, plaque and bacterial debris located on and between the teeth, along the gum lines, on both the front and backside of the teeth.

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Tips on how to get an accurate reading using apex locators

An apex locator is a device used to measure the depth of the root of a tooth exposed by a large cavity. In such a case, a root canal procedure is essential to avoid extraction of the tooth. Professionals have found it important to precisely determine the root depth for them to be able to perform a proper root canal.

charle gosterl

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Used Equipment FAQ

How can I use gym equipment to target my abs?
My apartment complex’s gym has a lat pull down, a pec dec, a chest press, and a butt exercise piece (one lays on her stomach on an angled bench and uses her legs to verbs a weight from behind her heel to her butt). How can I use this equipment…


Jun 11, 2010

Metal Forming Questions & Answers

What is the purpose of tensile theory test contained by metal forming & double cup extrusion?
The tensile test is one of the most comprehensive methods in materials carrying out tests. From pulling apart a single sample, many bits and pieces properties can be deduced, such as: Stiffness (elastic modulus) Yield Strength (closely correlated to the hardness) Ultimate Tensile Strength…


Jun 11, 2010

Machinery Q&A

If we, as lessors of machinery, collect rentals?
In advance for the next year, our accountant should narrative the receipts as a debit to cash and should make a credit to Revenue justification (such a Lease revenue) or A differed credit account (such as differed lease income) Since you’re being remunerated in advance, since you have actually earn the revenue,…


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Lathes Questions and Answers

Where can I find other on a lathe?
I’m looking for a wood lathe for some wood working, but would like to get a suitable price. any ideas on where I might find other, and what I should look for? I suggest checking out the selection of jet lathes at They enjoy a good selection of bench lathes and..

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Equipment FAQ

What are some angelic exercises I can do at home short equipment?
I am too broke to pay the gym fees this summer and have no access to the campus gym during the hours it is depart. What are some good exercises that I can do at home that doesn’t require weights or other equipment? Stuff besides running, biking, or…


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How can I draw from surrounded by shape using low cost equipment?
Well, I’m 6’4″ and 249 lbs. and have a BMI of 30.3. In that case, I’m purely in the extremely low part of obese. I haven’t get alot of money to work with here, let alone a saloon, so a gym membership is out of the question. What…


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Metal Forming FAQ

What form are most metals within?
Mostly surrounded by solids but also in liquids, pure, alloy, metalloids and soil metals! If its pure, then it’s metal. Most raw metal is found within the form of an oxide. Iron oxide, aluminum oxide, etc…. Only after refining do you get the elemental form The greatest concentration of metal is at the earths…


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Machinery FAQ

I want to start export machinery spare parts from india, how do I start?
I want to start export machinery spares parts from India. I don’t know how to start? I did some research sent some email to foreign company but nobody replied..?? Please guide me step by step process. 1. How to approach foreign traders/foreign importers? 2. How do…


May 13, 2010

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Be the first to comment - What do you think?  Posted by - March 17, 2011 at 10:57 pm

Categories: UK Steam   Tags: , , ,

Family History, Why Don’t We Ask the Questions When We Can?

I remember visiting the industrial museum in Bradford, West Yorkshire when I was about 10 or 11. It was a school trip. I remember going into the factory and seeing the looms and thinking�. What has this got to do with me? Bradford was one of the big players in the industrial revolution and I could not understand what significance that was to people of my generation. I was young� what more can I say?
Years later, whilst conducting my own family history research, I discovered that the largest percentage of my Bradford ancestors worked in similar mills to the one we had been shown. In the 1901 census, three of my great grandmotherâ??s sisters worked as worsted spinners. Had I known then what I know now I would sayâ?Œshow me what they did, what were conditions like, the hours, the wages. Did my great gran ever work in the mills, before she was a cook in Busbyâ??s department store? I donâ??t know because I didnâ??t ask.

Shortly before my father died he had a conversation with one of my siblings along the lines of: â??oh you know I have always had a fascination with steam engines?â? Several phone calls later it was established that not one of us knew. I do know that from about the age of 5, my dad was put on the steam train in Torquay, Devon by his parents (the train guard was asked to keep an eye on him) and he was greeted by his grandparents in Bradford, Was this where his fascination for steam locomotives stems from? I will never know.
My own children (hopefully know what interests I have) have shown only vague interest in their family histories. That is not something I mind because I think the young are too busy living life to really have any concept of ancestry. I hope that one day they will pause and ask â??What are my roots?â? â??Where did I come from?â? I hope that I am still around to answer the very same questions that I should have asked but left it too late to do so, but if not then I know that they will have access to all the research I have done on my Devon agricultural labouring roots, my chair maker 3x great grandfather in Worksop, my coalminer 2x great grandfather in Nottinghamshire and Durham and all the other ordinary but fascinating members of our family tree.

Be the first to comment - What do you think?  Posted by - April 20, 2010 at 4:09 am

Categories: Vintage Steam Locomotives   Tags: , , ,

Transport questions and answers

Are railroad better than canal and steamboats?
Well railroads are considered to be much better as compared to canals and steamboats because they are a much faster and safer mode of transportation. The cost of rail transportation is also far cheaper than canal and steamboat transportation. Rail transportation basically is a way of transport…

Can An Engine Number Identify Registration Number?
Usually not. The number on the engine block is a casting number, which has nothing to do near the Vehicle Identification Number. If that is what you are asking. Registration number refers to who owns the vehicle. There is a VIN number, which identifies the type of vehicle,…

Can You Help? I Would Like To Do A Vin Check On A 73 Chevy Nova I…
What does the title say? Thats the vin# you go by, or look by windshield to see if the numbers are the same. And a 73 may not hold 17 numbers. All a vin # does is…

Does The Low Mileage On The Rebuild Make Sense?
Had a transmission replaced 4 years ago and have only 10000 miles since. Mechanic say it needs to be replaced again. Car is 14 years old with 170K. Sounds approaching its a little fishy unless you are rough on it, i would take it for a…

How Do You Know If Your Rotor Is In The Right Place When Replacing…
You have to really make sure that ALL the timing marks are wrinkled up. The crank, cam(s) and the distributor rotor must all be pointing to the correct marks. If they are not please stop and correct the problem, you…

How Many Litres Of Petrol In One Barrel Of Crude ?
1 barrel of oil is known to be equal to 158.987295 liters. One Barrel of Crude Oil make almost 19 or 19.5 gallons of Gasoline, which when gets converted it makes 73.8 liters of petrol/gasoline. 1 US barrel = 42 gallons 1…

How To Change Spark Plugs And Wires For A 2000 Ford Expedition?
They have a special tool to remove the wires on this model but you can do it with out it. The plugs are not in the standard place they are going surrounded by through the top right next to the valve cover and…

I Have A 94 Ford Ranger 4 Cylinder With A Engine Code 998 What Does…
Go to Autozone, and they will be able to tell you what the code is

I’m have a gear swap done on my ‘wheeler truck and are very soon wondering…
If you are at all serious about trail driving then you should step for a locker. However, if a friend has a similar truck to yours with a locker fitted, ask for a test drive. The foundation for this…

Is The Smell Of Burning Pvc Toxic To Inhale?
Yes stupid. You can actually die. Why would you burn plastic anyway? Gotta be from the midwest or deep south or something right? Lemme guess. You’re too far away in the middle of nowhere for the litter men to come get your trash so you live…

Is Too Much Oil In Engine Bad?
Yes, too much oil is bad! It can damage your engine itself, the catalytic converter(s) and the oxygen sensor(s)! Yes it is. It make the engine overheat, and leak.

I’ve A Volvo 1996. I’ve Just Notice It Leaking Oil At The Top Of…
Could be a weak dried and shrunken gasket in the oil filler bonnet…. I changed my spark plugs the other day removed the spark plug cover on top of the cylinder head and saw a pool of grease sitting on…

Should I Wait Before I Sign ?
In Pittsburgh the going rate seems to be 20 to 25. Dollars an acre, yet I am hearing 700 and up within different parts of PA, I’m sorry I wasn’t clear I am talking about Drilling for Natural gas Depends on the location.. But for the most…

What is a port?
A port is known as the facility which is used for the receiving of ships or for the transferring of cargo to and from the ship. These ports are usually located on the fold of a lake, river, sea or the ocean. These ports are completely equipped near cargo handling…

Can anyone update me if the prop shaft of a Mark 4 Triumph Spitfire…
How to remove a prop shaft of a Mk 4 spitfire Yes! Obtain the Haines Workshop Manuel for Triumph Spitfire – plenty around on Amazon/eBay etc. And all is explained.

Can I repo a camper I sold on payments?
Check your state laws. For example, it is illegal to repossess any vehicle in Michigan, but it is made easier to bring the person to court and garnish their wages for the money owed or to get the court to instruct the return of said…

Is at hand a low pressure port on a 1997 Olds Aurora?
I am looking for a low pressure port to charge the air conditioning on a 1997 Olds Aurora but can’t find one. It could be several places. Start by looking on the large accumulator on the big line side. It also may be…

I’ve fixed the chassis and bulkhead on my Series Land Rover, but…
Series Land Rovers were never manufactured to the tolerances of a modern car and so latitude of three eighths of an inch is about commonplace. The other problem is that with a Series Land Rover being in trueness a giant Meccano set,…

What be the first jet invented by the Wright brothers call…
The first powered aircraft designed and built by the Wright brothers was the ‘Wright Flyer’ (often referred to as ‘Flyer I’ and on occasion, ‘Kitty Hawk’). The Wright Flyer is considered by many to be the first successful powered, piloted aircraft. It…

What does it tight-fisted when my motorcycle burns grease?
Like any engine when it burns oil the rings on the pistons are worn and allowing oil to get by causeing it to burn beside the gas air mixture.That’s oil burning. Depends how much oil is burning ?!!

What is the probable lead to of an engine diagnostic code P0410 on…
My 2001 Chevy blazer keeps throwing a check engine light with a trouble code of P0410 (secondary nouns injection system). What part could be causing this code? What does that mean? The P0410 code refers to the emission system….

When be the Rainhill Trials?
An important competition regarding steam locomotive railways, the Rainhill trails were run contained by October 1829 near Rainhill, just outside Liverpool. The competition was run around the time that that Liverpool and Manchester railway be nearing completion. It was ran to decide whether stationary steam engines or locomotives would…

Where is the engine type information located on a 1995 VW Jetta GLX?…
Look under the hood there should be a stiker with the info the D or E parcels are the 8th place vin number. The vin is located on the drivers door or the drives top dash.

“2003 Jeep Liberty Drivers Side Rear Window Doesn’t Work?” What’s…
Window motor runs, but window doesn’t move. I can push the window up and down with my paw. Any suggestions? It sounds like the arm has came stale the motor inside the door or something has stripped. You will have to remove the…

“It Started At About 40,000 Miles, Whenever I Turn The Wheel All The…
I have a 2003 Honda Element. “It started At about 40,000 miles, whenever I turn the wheel adjectives the way to the left or right while moving in parking lot ect. Vibrating /chattering surrounded by what feels like the rear wheel…

“What Is The Location Of The Camshaft Sensor On A 2003 Jeep Liberty?…
Computer code P1391 shows cmp sensor needs replaced. I have a 3.7liter engine. What is the location of the cam shaft position censor You will get within grid map.

,ok, I Have A 2006 Quest Van That I Owe Way To Much On. They Will…
In general the only people who do deal like this are car dealers. Maybe what you should do is to progress to a dealer and trade in the van on a REALLY cheaper car, this could lower the…

… I Have Replaced The Alternator Twice And My Battery Still Will…
First of all it is very important that you start near a new alternator AND a fully charged battery. If you don’t there is a really good chance that this is damaging your topical alternator. Next, you must be sure that all…

~~wiring Diagram Needed!~~ Does Anyone Have Or Know Where I Can Look…
I just got an 86 cadillac sedan deville and the stereo wasn’t hooked up. I have an aftermarket jvc deck that i want to install but the with the sole purpose problem i have with that, is that i need a electric…

01 1.8t Audi A4, Oil Light, Engine Light, Can Hear Top End Of Engine…
Most likely bent push tubes on lifters…better get them checked before you blow it up…. That or lose lifters.

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