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Ashley Framed Prints, Vintage Steam Engine Wall Art Decor Giclee Photo Print In Black Wood Frame, Soft White Matte, Ready to hang, 20×25 Art

  • Art is 20×25, Outside measures 29×34
  • MUSEUM QUALITY two inch wide black/ebony wood with clear acrylic glass, soft white matte and giclee print mounted on acid free backing, this incredibly detailed process ensures your work of art is in excellent condition for generations.
  • FINE ART piece is a special edition giclee, hand crafted in the USA. This beautifully vibrant work will bring a master touch to your room
  • MULTIPLE SIZES mean this wonderful work of art can fit almost any room.
  • SUPPORT ARTISTS! This special piece from Ashley Art Studio features work from an independent artist, we believe in supporting artists and a portion of this sale is shared with the artist.

Product Description
This framed print from Ashley Art Studio is designed to beautify many different spaces in your home.The wood of the frame and high quality matte that surrounds the artwork have been selected by our curation staff to be of the utmost quality with the intent for it to last for generations.The art is printed on museum quality archival paper made with a unique process which helps enhance the colors in a way that helps the art realize the true tones from the first moment… More >>

Ashley Framed Prints, Vintage Steam Engine Wall Art Decor Giclee Photo Print In Black Wood Frame, Soft White Matte, Ready to hang, 20×25 Art

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India Train Travel – From Rough And Ready To Rich And Romantic

India’s railway network connects its greatest cities with its remotest villages, and traveling across India by train will give you a great opportunity to see sites not accessible any other way.  Traveling by train during your stay in India can be one of the high points of your journey, but only if you plan carefully and know what to expect.


Booking passage on second-class non–air-conditioned trains will let you view the passing scenery through open windows, free of the film which covers the windows in air-conditioned cars.  Purchasing a seat in air-conditioned car, on the other hand, will keep you comfortable even in the peak of India’s hot season.  India’s trains, especially those which travel to the smaller villages, have a reputation for being late, so you will have to get used to delays.


If you find yourself waiting to get a connecting train, however, take time to observe your surroundings and immerse yourself in the chaos around you.  You will see food vendors offering snacks like deep thought pride whole wheat bread and hard-boiled eggs as borders with massive piles of luggage balanced on their heads guard in and around the crowds.  You should always stay close to your own luggage when traveling by train in India, to the point of chaining it to the rack in your sleeping compartment.  Chains are available for sale on the platforms at urban railway stations.


While larger railway lines include meals in the cost of a ticket, if you are traveling a smaller line to be much better off by bringing along your own package snacks, bottled water, sandwiches, and juice.  You will also be very glad you bring sanitary hand wipes are and your own toilet paper. 


India, of course, has some world class luxury train service in addition to its ordinary commuter trains.  These luxury trains include some of the most famous names in the world:  Palace on Wheels; the Fairy Queen; the Royal Orient; Kalka Shimla; and Deccan Odyssey.  Each of these magnificent trains follows a different route, but all of them offer exceptional service, dining, and luxurious accommodations.  The most famous of them, Palace on Wheels, has 14 opulent sleeping compartments with baths along with two full-service restaurants and a bar.


The Palace on Wheelâ??s “Week in Wonderland” trip, starting at $4900 per person double occupancy, makes a round-trip beginning in Delhi and progressing through (among other cities) Jaipur, Udaipur, Bharatpur, and Agra before returning to Delhi.  The fare includes meals, accommodations, and all sightseeing.  The Fairy Queen, which began operating in 1855, is the world’s oldest steam locomotive.


The most legendary of all Indian train journeys, however, is the the 15 day trip taken by the private train the Viceroy of India, which runs between Mumbai to Calcutta four times each year.  Tickets on the Viceroy of India run $9995 for Viceroy Class, or $14,995 for the Maharaja Suite.


The Deccan Odyssey is a 21-power luxury train which follows a seven day route along Maharashtraâ??s coast in western India, leaving from Mumbai and passing along the beach after unspoiled beach until arriving at the Goa.  The trip includes a visit to Pune and the opportunity to explore the Ajanta and Ellore caverns.  The Deccan Odyssey travels by night and stops for sightseeing during the day.  The price of the journey includes five-star meals, an on-board Ayurvedic spa, a gym, and much, much more. 

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