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Thomas the Tank Engine now has a real friend

Once upon a time, Real Tank Engines were everywhere. Anywhere there was a railroad yard, you could usually find a little tank engine or two chugging up and down the tracks. These were the little steam engines on our big railroads. So where are they now? An official sneak-peek from Golden Rail Video ( producer of some of the most interesting railroad videos you could ever hope to see.

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Trackside 137 – The Real Polar Express HQ

Still lettered for the movie in which it starred (partially), Pere Marquette 1225 is presented here during an excursion from Owosso to Cadillac, Michigan in 2005. The big 2-8-4 is a classic example of a Lima Locomotive Works Super Power steam locomotive.

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under which web site would i find real vintage steam train engines for sale.?

i would like to rebuild one or more with an space age liquid nitrogen fuel cell & status of the art technology on board computers and the work’s yet i like the vintage old west style train’s.yet the web sites i pull up are all toy train’’s rep’s could help navigate them.

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can someone build me a real steam locomotive?

im looking for someone to build me a real size steam locomotive. 159 feet long. 8 feet wide. and 16 to 18 feet high. looking for reg locomotive desighners!

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