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How Steam Locomotives Really Work

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Steam locomotives were developed in the early part of the 19th Century, initially by Trevithick, and then most successfully by George Stephenson, whose engine Locomotion inaugurated the famous Stockton and Darlington Railway in 1825. For the next 150 years, steam locomotives were further developed and refined, until the advent of new electrical technology superseded them. Although British Railways operated its last main-line steam locomotives in 1968, there is still… More >>

How Steam Locomotives Really Work

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My daughter wants to move in with me but it’s really complicated what should I do?

When I was 20 I moved to America for a few months and I ended up dating this girl and got her pregnant. I lived in England at the time and we decided after a long talk that I should move back instead of staying but I’ve always helped out with payments and when ever she was short (such as when she had car payments or was out of work). I also always saw my daughter whenever I could and went to the states often and when she was older she started to come to the UK. My daughter has both British and American Passports. She’s now 17 and is arguing a lot with her mom and is wanting to move in with me. However I now live in Sweden with a fiance.

My Fiance knows very little English (but I am good at Swedish) and has a 12 year old son already, who knows English to an okish standard because of school but is not the best at it. My soon to be wife knows nothing but is willing to learn and always asks, what’s this word and so on. My daughter doesn’t know any Swedish at all. My fiance is 5 months pregnant with my child.

I talk to my daughter all the time on the phone and on msn/steam but she keeps on asking to move to Sweden.

My wife knows of my daughter and is ok with her when she has come to Sweden before for a holiday to see me.

But what should I do about her moving in, I don’t really have the space in the house for her because of the baby on the way and my daughters lack of Swedish will be a problem.

What should I do?
Thanks for answers.
My daugher will always be a big part of my plans as I love her very much.
Big part of my life*

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40 bloggers who really count

40 bloggers who really count
David Byrne Few professionals in the arts maintain a blog as lovingly as David Byrne, or post at such length about topics of genuine interest (one recent entry, on the recontextualisation of performance art, breaks the 6,000-word mark).

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I have a really oily nose..I use a gentle face wash and pore strips but its still oily.?

I steam and cleanse but its still really bad. Are there any products I can use that I can get in the UK. I don’t like using harsh chemicals..but will try anything to get rid of it..

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Really Interesting Places To See In Kent, UK

If you are interested to know everything about wines, at least the British wines that is, then go to Chapel Down Winery at Tenterden Vineyard which is the largest producer of English wines. Visitors can take a guided tour to how they grow vines and make wine. Then there’s a whole refurbished yard that features a large wine and fine food store selling both local and seasonal produce, plus a wine bar & a bistro serving the best of English cuisine and a free wine tasting is also available in the shop. It’s just 2.5 miles from Tenterden High Street (A28) and is open daily from 10am to 8pm.

You can come here to Tenterden for a magical ride on a vintage steam engine & through the beautiful British country side then come to Tenterden-Northiam-Bodiam which is under the control of Kent & East Sussex Railway. These vintage trains dating from Victorian times provides you free parking at Northiam and Tenterden, refreshments, railway museum, gift shops, children play area, special packages for groups, buffet car and disabled facilities on many trains, Luxury Dining Car Services – dinners, lunches and teas (booking essential) and you can entertain your corporate colleagues too.

Biddenden Vineyards & Cider Works is located 1.5 miles west of old Wealden village of Biddenden, the legendary home of Biddenden maids, is Kent’s oldest commercial vineyard. Take a walk through its sprawled fields of 22 acres, visit the winery and shop if you want to as it contains the 17th century cider press and you can see or sample wines, Kentish ciders and tasty apple juices. Coaches there are simply welcome and guided tours can easily be arranged. These are open daily except Sunday in January & February and from 24th December to 1st January and it has free Admissions and Tastings.

If you want to go back 2000 years to the fascinating Roman era or to see living English History during the Second World War period then come to Dover Castle & the Secret Wartime Tunnels and take an atmospheric tour down the tunnels within the White cliffs and see the underground hospital & the place where Winston Churchill and Admiral Ramsay planned on how to evacuate Dunkirk.

Never miss the light and sound 1216 siege experience, medieval underground works, Roman lighthouse, battlements walk and Princess of Wale’s Royal Regiment. Here you can also visit a museum, Land train, restaurant and other shops.

If you wish to go to Tudor times then go to Walmer Castle and Gardens, now a country residence of the Cinque Ports. It has beautiful gardens including the Queen Mother’s Garden. It used to be the residence of the Duke of Wellington and Her Majesty Queen Mother. You must see the room in which Wellington died and also the room where the Queen Mother used to entertain her guests and also included is an audio tour of the castle with many shops, plants sale and a tearoom.

Kent is highly recommended to all UK tourists and should definitely be on your “Must See List”.

Ram Singh offers detailed info for a London transfer to Kent on his site. A wide range of vehicles are available for London Transfers

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