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Western Maryland Steam Cab Ride Part 3

On up the hill we go with a little more wheel slip and some more scenery. 10/19/12.

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Mt Emily Shay Steam Train Ride – City of Prineville Ry

Footage I took during a weekend rail fan event hosted by Martin E Hansen in October of 1996. A couple links to related websites I found very informative are Brian McCammish’s City of Prineville Site and Jeff Moore’s

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Steam Train Ride On Hamilton Model Engineers No.2 Track

A complete circuit of the number 2 track on “Dennis’s 4-6-4” Steam Locomotive. For club details see This track is open to the public “Sundays, weather permitting”. One of the best Model Engineer’s Tracks in the world, dual gauge, long runs, plenty of bridges and tunnels.

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A Footplate ride on ‘Jennifer’ at The Gwili Steam Railway, Carmarthen 14/05/2011

This is the first of two programs I shall be uploading from my visit to The Gwili Railway. It gives you the rare opportunity to join me on the footplate of the recently arrived 1942 built Hudswell Clarke& Co ‘Jennifer’ on a journey from Bronwydd Arms to Dan Y Coed. You will also see the Driver Alan, fireman Dan, Guard Richard and Emlyn the Signalman doing the splendid work they do for the Railway. My next video will follow three customers on a Driving Experience Day, another privileged insight into one of these popular services available on the Railway. All footage filmed was hand held for obvious reasons, so my apologies for any undue shaking…Bob

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Steam train ride / Parné vlaky na Myjave 2010 / lokomotiva 475.196

Steam train ride between the towns Stara Tura (SVK) and Veseli nad Moravou (CZE). Many historic steam engines rode on this bueautiful route full of bridges and tunnels in summer 2010. / Jazda parného vlaku na trati Stará Turá a Veselí nad Moravou. V lete roku 2010 jazdilo viacero historických parných vlakov na tejto nádhernej trati plnej viaduktov a tunelov.

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Steam Train Cab Ride

Caboose ride with Cab Ride Picture in Picture with 1 problem the Cabose ride stopped at the water tower so off sync slightly but you get the idea, close but 0 -15 seconds off as no lap is the same

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Part 4 of Virginia and Truckee Railroad’s Ed Gallegos, Cab Ride on #29

Here is the final installment of four videos showing a day back in September, 2008 where I followed Ed Gallegos around at the Virginia and Truckee Railroad. Next will be a video showing Ed firing the 2010 Trains and Travel International First Annual Virginia and Truckee Railfan Spectacular. This video is a little different than the Ed Gallegos Show Parts 1-3, because now Ed is running the locomotive and doesn’t have time to ham it up. Here you see the sometimes boring experience of riding in the cab of a steam locomotive. While everyone has a romanticized notion of driving a steam train, this video shows that in some ways it’s just another job, and it gets boring. This is showing the short run from Virginia City to Gold Hill. Originally the Virginia and Truckee Railroad started operations in 1976 running from Virginia City to Tunnel 4 and back. Once Tunnel 4 was finished and tracks were laid to Gold Hill in the 1990’s, the Virginia City — Gold Hill run delighted tourists for another decade or more. Recently, in 2009 and 2010, the $10 million construction project to extend the line has seen partial completion for about $40 million. Now you can just ride the short run, or you can ride the long run from Far-Far-East Carson City to Virginia City. On the long run you will see a highway, junkyards, a storage space complex, a racetrack, a buried pile of tires, environmental devastation in the for of old mines and mills, and if you’re lucky you’ll see a wild horse. The tracks

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Take a ride on the Walt Disney World Monorail. I boarded the train at the Frontierland Railroad Station and rode it around the entire park. ALL ABOARD! Check out my Theme Park Blog: Filmed on 08-02-2011 (August 2011) This video features the song “Tranquility Base” by Kevin MacLeod ( The song is licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0.

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