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A town destroyed- Day light shots reveal Texas devastation

‘It was like an atomic bomb’: First daylight images reveal shocking devastation caused by Texas fertilizer plant explosion that tore through town and left up…

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*PLEASE ANSWER* My new puppy isn’t getting his rabies shots until..?

Hi there,

My new puppy isn’t getting his rabies shots until 4 weeks. On the 29th, we are going to go to the vet so he can get his other shot and deworming and such.

But he is so hyper, and I can’t wait until he gets his rabies shots so I can bring him outside and burn off some steam, but I have to wait for 4 weeks. During those 4 weeks, what are things we can do indoors to burn off some steam? He has toys but what are some other things we can do? I have a fairly big backyard with a deck and lots of grass too but I do not want to let him go there because in the past I have had skunks/raccoons/possums/lots of squirrels and chipmunks/many birds/etc. come and I don’t want to risk him getting any kind of infection/parisite/diasese/etc. So please what are some things we can do? Indoors? Also if you have any cool ideas of what we can do when we go outdoors in 4 weeks, then that would be great!!


*In case this may help you..
he is 8 weeks old
a small, 2 pound Malshi puppy (They said he is a “Teacup” but I know there is no such thing as a “teacup” dog)

Thanks again in advance!!!!!

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