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Making Simple Model Steam Engines

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This book details the construction of a range of simple miniature steam engines and boilers. The projects, each of which can be completed with only a basic workshop, range from a single-acting oscillator to more sophisticated twin-cylinder double-acting engines and a variety of boilers. A final project brings together engine and boiler for a simple steam railway locomotive. These projects are a perfect introduction to model engineering and an enjoyable exercise for … More >>

Making Simple Model Steam Engines

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What is a simple way to explain how Thomas Newcomens steam engine works?

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Is the motion of the piston in a one-cylinder steam engine simple harmonic?

what does it mean to follow a sine wave form?
so if velocity is increasing, so is the acceleration. and vice versa?

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how can i make a simple cheap steam engine?

i want to make it with a tin can or sompthing like that and some other house things.
my dads a machanic and i got som small steam engine pistons ide like to use allready (two of them)

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Building Simple Model Steam Engines

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This book features detailed instructions on building four different, fully functional steam engine models. Designs and methods of construction are clearly detailed, with instructions that even a beginner will be able to follow…. More >>

Building Simple Model Steam Engines

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How can I make a simple reciprocating steam engine without a lot of engineering knowledge?

I don’t have the tools necessary for manipulating steel. Is it possible to use hardware store materials?

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Simple Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

Every house, even the most carefully built, needs attention and repair occasionally to keep it in good condition and to slow depreciation. Like other kinds of property, a house will show signs of wear and begin to decline in value, if it is not properly cared for.

Hot tubs and spas can add value to your home. Hot tubs ( are enjoyed by all ages, and hot tub installation is really quite easy. But if you do not take care of yours, it will quickly gather filth and algae, just like a swimming pool would.

The location of your house has a lot to do with how much it is worth, and the houses near to yours will also affect the value of yours. If you keep yours in good condition, perhaps it will encourage your neighbors to do the same. If not, well, at least you’ll know you have the best looking home in your neighborhood.

A steam sauna is also quite sought after. Having a steam shower ( or perhaps a steam room in your home will add even more than a Jacuzzi would. Of course, you couldn’t go wrong if you decided to have both of them.

Adding things like balconies and patios to your home will also go a long way. Fresh paint jobs and varnishing to wood floors will keep the house looking brand new and well taken care of. It is important to keep wood clean and intact in order to prevent the settling of termites, and fresh coats of paint every so often will keep your walls from chipping and looking messy.

You will rarely find an antique bathroom vanity anymore. If you have a bathroom vanity ( like this, you will be envied. A modern bathroom vanity just tends to fit the style of most houses now, so if you’re lucky enough to have an antique house, you should take advantage of it.

Antiquity in itself will add enormous figures to your net worth, especially if it is taken care of. Victorian style antique houses just look so much more dignified and intellectual. They are charming and aristocratic, and are simply beautiful on their own. That is why these houses tend to have such a high value; not only that, but they are difficult to come by these days, and they are often more secluded.

Another good style is the doll house. These are usually painted more unique colors like baby blue and pink, maybe even green. They literally look like toy doll houses, and are just as rare as the Victorian style. They may not look dignified and intellectual, but they are charming in their own sweet way.

There is also a larger variety of color schemes that you can choose from. In fact you can pretty much use any colors you want, and they’ll most likely look great. These houses are usually found in suburban areas and therefore are worth a good amount.

Allison Ryan is a freelance marketing writer from San Diego specializing in home improvement and do-it-yourself remodeling. For a steam shower, bathroom vanity, or a selection of hot tubs for your home, check out

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how do i make a simple steam engine for a toy boat?

I’m making a steam engine for a model boat that is made of wood and about a foot long. i want the engine to be as small as i can make it with preferably house hold materials. i would like detailed instructions that are written not a movie.
pictures to would be helpful.


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