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Steam Engine somewhere in Wales

What a sound of yesteryear, turn it up! Mmmm

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Are there still any steam locomotives somewhere in the world still being used for shippping cargo?

I heard China still used Steam Locomotives in some areas in the earlier decade, are there still any areas still using them.

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Looking for somewhere to go or something to do around Falkirk?


The beautiful historic town of Bo’ness sits snugly on the Firth of Forth with lovely views of the Forth Road Bridge and Ochil Hills.  It is home to many interesting buildings including the pre-art deco Hippodrome Cinema.  The Hippodrome was originally opened in 1912 and restored and reopened in 2009.  It is now a beautiful traditional environment in which to enjoy both latest releases and old classics.

Visitors to Bo’ness can also enjoy a trip to the Bo’ness and Kinneil Railway.  This traditional steam railway affords the opportunity for leisurely rides along the Firth of Forth to Birkhill Station.  Whilst at Birkhead, a visit to the Birkhill Clay Mine is a must.  Enjoy a tour of the caverns, see 300 million year old fossils and explore interesting facts around the industrial Revolution.  The return train trip to Bo’ness goes around a newly extended line over the River Avon viaduct.  The round trip is approximately 10 miles.  Special family events, including the much loved Thomas the Tank Engine, are held at various times throughout the year. 

Bo’ness is also home to the Museum and Estate of Kinneil Estate.  The museum is open all year round, whilst the house is open on allocated days only.    The museum features 2000 years of local history.  Kinneil estate has several sites interest including a Roman Fortlet, remains of The Antonine Wall, the cottage where James Watt (inventor) worked whilst developing the steam engine, and the remains of a medieval church.

Last but by no means least, is the Bo’ness Motor Museum.  This museum is home to a privately owned collection of over 20 fascinating vehicles the from film and television.  Many of the vehicles have a James Bond theme.  This is a popular attraction for families as there is also a children’s soft play area, the ‘Double O’ bar and Miss Moneypenny’s diner.

Just a short drive from Bo’ness is Blackness Castle, jutting out onto the River Forth.  This 15th century castle’s claim to fame is having been the set for filming of ‘Hamlet’, starring Mel Gibson.  Whilst visiting, take the time to saunter along the edge of the water, and be sure to bring a picnic!

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How much would it cost to buy a steam engine (train) and then move it somewhere?

I’m planning to start an organization to buy an old steam engine from a local museum, and then give it to a museum that will take care of it and restore it (unlike it’s current museum). Does anyone have any idea of how much it would cost (probably in millions) to buy this steam engine, and then how much would it cost to move it and it’s tender?

For anyone wanting to know, the steam engine is a 4-6-2 Pacific.

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