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UP 3985 Lynn Nystrom Special Sept 3, 2010 Cheyenne, WY

UP 3985 Break In Run Sept 3, 2010 – Lynn Nystrom UP Steam memorial. For some background info at

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34067 Tangmere Blitzes Upwey Bank unassisted with the Sunny south special

34067 Tangmere performs like an 8P with an unassisted climb of Upwey Bank with the Sunny south special on the 9/7/09. Tangmere has now got a record as it is the first BoB to haul 11 coaches on Upwey Bank unassisted

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A Steam Special Surprise 09-03-12

Another absolutely brilliant day today, this time with the passing of both diesel and steam examples of our priceless railway heritage. First off the mark was for the third time in a week, the West Coast Railways Class 47 pair 47826 and 47786 running a rake of Empty Stock Pullman Coaches from Carnforth WCRC Depot to Nottingham in preparation for tomorrows Winter West Highland Statesman. Half an hour later, and in their usual spectacular fashion, former Great Western Railway champion 5043 ‘Earl of Mount Edgcumbe’ and London Midland & Scottish Railway Beastie 6201 ‘Princess Elizabeth’ trundled into Preston after their long run up from Southall Traincare Centre in West London. Stopping over in Platform 7 for a 30 minute water stop. This stop gave me plenty of time to go about and get some lovely shots of the two mainline beasts that had parked themselves in my back yard! Starting with 5043, I paid much attention to the ornate and detailed engineering and restoration work that had been carried out on the pristine locomotive over the years before moving on to WCML Warrior 6201. Whilst at 6201, I had the privilege to be able to step up onto the footplate that so many famous engine drivers had stood upon before, the first time I had ever stepped into the cab of an active mainline steam engine. The heat, the smell, the general atmosphere, was something only dreams were made of, the fire roaring in the box as the mighty locomotive rested for its water, like a work horse after a

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#1 – “SIX-FIVE Special” (1958)

SIX-FIVE Special (1958) – part 1of6 — Jim Dale – “Sugar Time”, “The Train Kept A-Rolling” — The Ken-Tones – “The Gipsy In My Soul” — Desmond Lane – “Midgets” ——————————— The Six-Five Special was a British television programme launched in February 1957 when both television and rock’n’roll were in their infancy in Britain. It was the BBC’s first attempt at a rock’n’roll programme, a very great innovation at the time and subsequently much imitated, even today. It was called the “Six-Five Special” because of the time it was broadcast – it went out, live of course as all programmes did then, at five past six on a Saturday evening. Jack Good was the producer and disc jockey Pete Murray was its presenter who used the catchphrase “Time to jive on the old six five”. Its resident band was Don Lang and his Frantic Five. The show opened with film of a steam train accompanied by the programme’s theme song, played and sung by the Frantic Five. The show was originally scheduled to last six weeks but, as a result of Jack Good ignoring the guidance given to him by the BBC management not to show the young audience alongside the performers, it continued indefinitely. The BBC interfered with Good’s vision of what the show should be by cluttering it with educational and information elements, as per their Public Service Broadcasting policy. The relationship between Good and the BBC became strained and they eventually fired him, resulting in a big loss of viewing

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Reading & Northern #425 – Railfan Special

On October 25th, 2008, 425 hauled a group of railfans along the R&N’s system from Port Clinton to as far as White Haven, stopping for photo runbys along the way. The weather was wet, cold, and miserable, but it made for many interesting scenes of steam working hard in the rain. Also note the whistle #425 is wearing in this video – the Boston and Maine 6-chime steptop. This is the whistle #425wore during the Grand Opening at Steamtown in 1995. Personally I love it’s mournful undertones more than any other whistle I’ve heard on the engine so far. — Special Thanks to the folks at the Reading & Northern for running this trip (Tyler Glass, Steve Gilbert) Thanks to Christopher and Andrew Blaszczyk for navigation.

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“Orange Blossom Special” medley

****IMPORTANT LINKS AND INFO**** *I do not own any of these songs, images, or videos* This is just kind of a small change of pace from my normal political videos. It’s a video set to a medley of the classic fiddle and banjo tune “Orange Blossom Special”. The song was originaly written and performed by Chubby Wise in 1938 after he and a friend observed and rode the “Orange blossom special” which at the time was still a steam engine. The Orange Blossom Special was a steam powered, and later diesel powered, passenger train from the Seaboard “Air-line” railroad, named so because it was Seaboard’s premiere air conditioned passenger train. It operated from 1925 to 1953, making constant trips from Miami to New York with many many stops in between, and in it’s time it was the most luxorious and fastest train to travel the rail.

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Santa Fe #3751 San Diego Steam Special II – May 1-2, 2010

On May 1st and 2nd, 2010, the restored ATSF Santa Fe #3751 steam locomotive pulled a special excursion train from Los Angeles to San Diego and back. Here are seven runby shots of the vintage steam locomotive as it headed southbound and northbound. All shots were taken with an Ultra HD Flip Camera. Many thanks to all the people and organizations involved who organized this thrilling event! by Charlie Jett Eugene, Oregon A Day Out With Thomas The Tank Engine

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ARHS (SA Division) 60th Anniversary special part 3. Strathalbyn to Goolwa. 16-6-2012

SteamRanger steam locomotives 621 and Rx 207 are seen next to each other at Strathalbyn before 621 continued on to Goolwa. Part 3 shows the Strathalbyn to Goolwa section of this trip along with the crossing of the over the bridge of the Finniss River, the crossing of the Black Swanp Bridge over the Tookayerta Creek and the crossing over the Currency Creek Bridge over Currency Creek. SteamRangers Goolwa depot can also be seen in this clip. This video clip ends with arrival at Goolwa. 16-6-2012. On Saturday 16th June 2012, SteamRanger Heritage Railway ran two steam hauled trains to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Australian Railway Historical Society (South Australian Division) from Mount Barker to Goolwa and return. Rx 207 hauled an economy class train comprising of 3 Centenary carriages while 621 hauled a first class, premium economy and economy class train comprising of first class sleeping carriage Finniss (which I was in), Bowmans, first class steel carriage 503 and premium economy steel carriage 710. Rx207 and her train departed Mount Barker at 10am and headed for Strathalbyn whilst 621 and her train departed Mount Barker for Strathalbyn at 10:30am. At Strathalbyn both trains met (Rx207 and her train in the crossing loop while 621 and her train took the main line) and a photo opportunity was organised with both steam locomotives standing next to each other. 621 and her train then departed Strathalbyn for Goolwa and half an hour later Rx207 and her train departed

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