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East Broad Top Railroad: Fall Spectacular 2010

On this beautiful October fall foliage-filled day, the East Broad Top Railroad holds its annual Fall Spectacular. The video starts out with 15 switching for the m-7’s train, running through the yard, pulling into the station and out on the main. We will then follow 15 and take you through the beautiful Pennsylvania mountains that’s bursting with color! The first train is 15 with a freight special and the second train is 15 with a long passenger/freight mixed train (15 is really working on this train!). Enjoy the views of the venturous steam locomotive, 15, and relax to the sound of smoke chuffs, rod clanks, and one loud whistle!

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Experiments to derail trains – World War Two RailRoads & Spectacular Train Crash Documentary

In March 1944 the United States National Defense Resources Committee & Office of Strategic Services performed a number of experiments on the Claiborne-Polk military railroad to help determine the best way to derail trains. The results were presented in the film “Derailment”. The film discusses amount of explosive used, technique of making “gaps” in railroad track to overturn train. Uses filmographic techniques such as slow motion, reverse motion, and freeze frame to show effects of “gaps” and explosives on train and results of experiments. Illustrated arrows point to areas of train considered especially relevant to experiment. Narrator explains each type of explosive and reason for variations.

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Reading & Northern #425: Autumn Steam Spectacular

Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! On Saturday October 9th, and Sunday October 17th, Penn Rail Videos was on the scene to capture R&N #425 on excursions to Jim Thorpe and return. We have video from both visits combined into one. We have more video from our October 17th video, which features a Santa Fe 6 Chime on the 425. On October 9th, the engine will adore a Southern Pacific 5 Chime whistle; that of which the Chinese 5 chime whistles are duplicated from. With many familiar locations shown throughout this video, you will be thrilled by the sights and sounds of steam locomotion, courtesy of Reading & Northern #425.

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