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34067 ‘Tangmere’ at speed through Chelmsford station. The Cathedrals Express.

This is the ‘Southern Region West Country Class and Battle of Britain Class steam locomotive, 34067 ‘Tangmere’ at full steam heading north through Chelmsford Railway Station (UK) on December 8th 2009 with the Cathedrals Express Carol Concert Special to Ely Cambridgeshire for an afternoon carol concert in the Cathedral there. Designed by Oliver Bulleid, 34067 entered service in September 1947 and was withdrawn in November 1963. Out of a batch of 110 locomotives 20 still exist in preservation but 34067 is the only one certified for mainline metals use. Tangmere was a late replacement for A4 60019 ‘Bittern’ on this railtour as that locomotive has route availability issues on the line between Ipswich and Bury St. Edmunds. This is a first for me.. never seen Tangmere before.

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Blandford Forum Railway Station 1960’s Part 2

The final days of the Railway Blandford in Dorset UK Then and Now Archive film of Shllingston to Blandford forum steam railway in the 1960’sContinued from Blandford Forum through charlton Marshal to Spetisbury and Baileygate the S&D railway from operations in the 1960’s to 20 years later in the early 1980’s. The remains of the track bed and some cuttings I filmed then have now gone leaving only one arch as evidence of the grand old days of steam railways. I always thought as a child in the 1960’s this line would be here forever with all that work to construct, it took around 2 years and built to last a thousand years, only to last little more than a life time. Dr Beeching known to be the axeman of the railway branch lines. I remember at the time late 1950’s there were many strikes and transporting freight and commuting by road became more popular and convenient which I would say led to the branch lines demise. The branch lines could not support themselves financially. In the video you will see the construction of the new Blandford By-Pass from brewery arch. These days with the ever rising cost of road transport Could the branch lines make a come back I sure do hope so. In the 1800’s land owners fought against the railways now we’re fighting to get them back.

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Railtour fantrip train passes through Wembley Park station.

The unlikeliest train ever! London transport and GWR steam locomotives haul a class 305 electric multiple unit plus MK2 and Mk1 passenger coaches through Wembley Park station one Thursday evening. At the end a London Transport battery locomtive tails the train. The train was on a test trip for a ‘Steam on The Met’ event the coming weekend.

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Denbigh Railway Station

A behind the scenes look at the making of – see channel 007VAUXHALL

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Steam engine coming into station. Mt Ranier Scenic Railroad, Elby WA Oct 9, 2010 003.MTS

1929 Willamette Iron and Steel works geared logging locomotive. Owned and operated by the Mt Ranier Scenic Railroad.

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Essex Valley Railroad: Steam Engine #97 In The Station Area With Santa Special Train

It’s December 28th, and the Essex, Connecticut Valley Railroad’s last day of operations in 2008. Watch as #97, a 2-8-0 Consolidation Steam Locomotive runs around her second to last Santa Special of the Winter and operating season of 2008. You will see views of the beautiful locomotive, and, as usual, we will take you into 97’s cab and sit in the engineer’s seat and stand on the cab deck. So watch and enjoy as Consolidation #97 does what she does best and gets ready to pull her last Santa Special and train of the operating season, on her last day until a 4-5 month long Winter’s nap in the engine house.

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HD part2 SP 4449 Portland Union Station (5-8-09)

SP 4449 arriving for National Train Day May 9 2009 10:00 AM – 03:00 PM 800 NW 6th Ave TheWorld’s Most Famous Steam Locomotive, Southern Pacific steam locomotive no. 4449 known as the “Daylight” will be on display. If you like my videos, rate, comment and subscribe to my channel (Canon Vixia

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Steam Train at Nudgee Station

Old Steam Train headed to Shorncliffe, Australia.

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