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Crewe Station July 2009 – including 37401 and Duchess of Sutherland

Trains at Crewe.

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Sutherland Steam Railway In The Snow 2010

Hi again all, The small selection of clips which you see here were filmed today (5/1/2010) and show just how badly the snowfalls affected our garden railway. We did manage, (using old wagons as snow-ploughs), to clear the main running line however. Then, once this was done, 1 train could operate on the circuit, clearing the snow as it fell so to speak. The steam locomotive used, No4560, a Bachmann 45XX Small Prairie Tank, performed well running bunker-first around the circuit hauling our 4 LNER Teak Coaches. Various parts of the circuit can be seen. Notable area’s blocked with snow (at least 3 inches deep) were chilvers loop (completely buried!), sutherland yard (in which 3 wagons were frozen solid!) and ashford spur (another wagon buried solid!). 4560 performed very well under the circumstances, especially as snow continued to fall before, during and after filming! As soon as the train was stopped, the snow buried the main line again within minutes. It was that heavy! (And still is here as of now!). Thanks for watching. Comment and rate if you wish. Enjoy!!

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Sutherland Steam Railway Winter Steam Gala 2010 Part B

Hi all, Here is PART TWO of TWO of the video documenting the Sutherland Steam Railway’s fantastic 2010 WINTER STEAM GALA which ran from February 19th-21st. The gala ran 3 weeks late due to the seriously bad weather experienced over the last few weeks. (Points had been frozen, rails had been buried, wires had been damaged etc). So finally, on Friday 19th February, the first day of the 3-day event was filmed, resulting in these two videos. LOCOMOTIVE ROSTER= Visiting *4-6-2 Bullied Merchant Navy “United States Lines” *0-6-0 Terrier Class A1X No11 New Resident *4-6-0 LMS Rebuilt Patriot “Sir Frank Ree” Resident *2-6-2 Large Prairie 61XX No6110 *2-6-2 Small Prairie 45XX No4560 *2-6-0 Churchward Mogul 43XX No5328 *4-6-0 King Class No6009 “King Charles II” *4-6-0 Grange Class 68XX No6862 “Derwent Grange” *4-6-0 Black 5 No45156 “Ayrshire Yeomanry” *0-6-0 Austerity Tank No68075 *4-6-2 Bullied Light Pacific No34051 “Winston Churchill” *0-6-2 Taffe Tank 56XX No6600 Both visitors came to us from the Fazeley Railway, Tamworth. Thanks to them for sending the locomotives, which have been based at Sutherland Shed’s since mid-December. The pair will return home this coming Saturday (27/2/2010). Meanwhile, our BR Black Pannier Tank No5775 will be returning the same day as she has been substituting for the two visitors on their own railway for the same amount of time! We look forward to welcoming 5775 back for a well earnt rest before re-entering into service…we have missed her. THE GALA

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6233 Duchess of Sutherland “Cuneo Centennial” 28 April 2007

The Cuneo Centennial, a return trip from Waterloo to Yeovil Junction to mark Terence Cuneo’s 100th birth year. First seen passing Vauxhall then arriving at Woking where I joined the train. At Winchfield the engine took water. On arrival at Salisbury the Duchess had to come off because of gauging problems at Sherborne. We were taken to Yeovil and back by a 57. At the Yeovil railway centre there was an exhibition of Cuneo paintings and I had the honour of meeting Carole Cuneo (his daughter). The train is then seen preparing to depart Salisbury on the return journey and powering away from Woking. Also on board was Alan Pegler, once owner of the Flying Scotsman. For information on steam specials goto

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